Hauled It: Enkore Handmade Make Up Brush Roll!


I recently won some Trish McEvoy brushes on eBay and I was so happy with them I decided they needed a special home! I looked everywhere for a brush roll – I wanted something in cloth, that looked great with lots of space and was wide enough for make up brushes. Sometimes brush rolls made for art supplies are too narrow for chunky blusher and powder brushes! Would you believe I ended up on Enkore’s […]

Homemade Beauty Series: Loved MAC Naked Honey Salve? Make your own!

If there is one collection MAC released that I liked a lot it was the Naked Honey collection. I did miss out on the Salve because you hoarders out there bought them all before I had the chance too…tut. But when I can’t get hold of something what do I do? I steal make it! Let’s get started after the jump!

Review: Labyrinth Soap

Back in the day, I was a keen soaper, but these day I neither have the time nor the inclination. However, I can appreciate a good bar of soap, and this is what I got from labyrinth soaps based in the UK: Not that Labyrinth! This Labyrinth! There are 2 bars that I tried that really stood out for me…

Homemade Tutorials: Make an exfoliating cleaning bar, inspired by Lush Sweet Japanese Girl

There was some Twitter Talk the other week about a cleansing bar called Sweet Japanese Girl by Lush and how great it is for blackheads. I needed to try it! Perfume Headaches I’ll be honest and say whilst I love the look and principles of the Lush brand, I can’t walk into the shop without getting a migraine from the pungent fragrances. Anyway, word of mouth recommendation is strong, so I decided to get one […]

Home Beauty Lesson 2: How to make your own Lip Balm Tutorial and Video

** A Video Version of this will follow shortly** Roll up, roll up for part 2 of my homemade beauty series. This week, its the ever popular lip balm that I will teach you to make. Lipbalm is one of the easiest things to make and there are lots of variations too, so you can make one that suits you. Mine is going to be a tinted Candy Floss Basic Lip Balm with Vitamin E […]

Homemade Beauty Lesson 1: How to make your own sugar lip scrub

This is the first is a number of posts about homemade beauty products. About 2 years ago, I became very interested in home made beauty products, and read every book I knew on the subject. I want to teach you how to make your own goodies, and also offer all the different options out there (this is for your own use after all) so that there is always a substitute in place. So in celebration […]

Making Home Made Beauty Products

I was sorting through some boxes when I came across my soap making supplies, from when I made cold processed soap. It was like pandora’s box – I have tons of essential oils, flavours for lip products, waxes, butters and oils that I hadn’t touched for a while. So then I thought – why not add a new category to the blog teaching you how to make your own beauty products? Its a lot easier […]

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