Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick – Make your own Palette!

In case you haven’t noticed, I do like to make my own palettes, as witnessed here with my Nars Multiple Palette (I was ahead of them), my multi talented palette or just putting palettes together in general.

I bought a Make Up Forever plastic palette with 12 squares from a UK based shop called PAM (formerly MAP) but there are also many on Screenface, and either option is quite pricey. If I could choose again, I’d get another Shu Palette which is about £10 and fits 12 and it small enough to carry around if you so wish – Bobbi Browns palette is about £12 and you only get 6 squares but it is very compact…anyway, I digress-eth.

So, I was having a civil coffee with my mother one day – let’s just say 99% we want to strangle each other, and when we don’t its because we’re too busy eating. Suddenly she whips out a new lipstick to show me – it’s Rimmel.

Eewww I go, Rimmel (all my immaturity comes out when I’m with my mother, I think it’s only fair). “No, listen to your mother”, she says, “Rimmel, only £6 and very very good.” It did, indeed look like a very pretty natural pink so I gave it a swipe and was amazed by its creamy texture and smooth pigmentation.

“Aahh, it’s rubbish” I tell my mother (this is how we interact).

However – unlike the good old days when cheap make up was actually cheap, these lippies are like £6.50 each, so no, I don’t think it’s that cheap, not when you want four of them (like me). Slightly irritated, I had a look on eBay and found a seller who was selling new testers of these for about £4 (for three). I snapped up three sets, but of course testers come in ugly packaging.


One is missing – I dunno where it is, so don’t ask:




So what do we do with ugly packaging! We throw it away! And depot it first, obviously.

This is the palette I bought:


Now, to depot you need:

The lipstick
A candle
A knife
A spoon
Another spoon or stirring stick
The palette
Isopropyl Alchol or Vodka or some other type on Antiseptic
Kitchen Towels or Cloth
To get rid of all cats unless they want singed whiskers

You get the drift right? You just need to clean your tools, and slice the lipstick off. Oh light your candle too – I’m using an Aveda one:


Makes no difference, feel free to use a 20p tealight.


The better you chop the lipstick up the quicker it will melt.

When the lipstick is melting make sure that:

– You give it a good stir though – this keeps the pigment even for when you pour it

– Try not to boil it as it can change the colour

– All of it is melted

– There are no air bubbles.

The pour:


Colours look a bit darker when they are still wet.


Also, if you are wiping between colours with Isopropyl then you need to be extra careful as its flammable. So if you hold it close to the flame it may pop, or make a scary noise.

Getting closer:


I ran out of rimmel lipsticks, so I chopped up the lipsticks I have in cardboard packaging (I HATE CARDBOARD PACKAGING!!)


Colours from LEFT to RIGHT (top row):

Rimmel Lasting Finish:

Frosted, Nude Pink, Pink Champagne, Asia, Birthday Suit, Heather Shimmer

Second Row, Left to Right:

No. 17 Tourney, Paul & Joe 030, Paul & Joe 035, No. 17 Red, Rimmel LF Amethyst Shimmer, Rimmel LF Coffee Shimmer


Ta-Da, done. Now if you excuse me, I’m ready the Turner Prize.

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  1. says

    I agree Rimmel has one of the ugliest packaging ever for their lipsticks, even among drugstore brands. Still I find I’m more likely to use lipsticks over lip palettes – I always forget about the palettes.

    • Row says

      Hi Blu

      I agree I’m quite lazy with palettes, but as a tester lipstick, I would never use that either – its even uglier than normal and the plastic cap isn’t safe!

  2. Li says

    Coffee shimmer was a 90s schoolgirl staple, along with Miss Selfridge’s Sweet n Flower, and The Body Shop’s Clover Pink, good to see it again :)

  3. says

    As much as it pains me to agree with ANYONE’S Asian mother (be it yours or mine), I’ve tried quite a few lippies in my time and Rimmel’s Lasting Finish lipsticks are amongst my all-time favorites. I truly hate their ‘cherry-cough-medicine’ flavor/fragrance, though.

    I remember when Rimmel first arrived Stateside, the lipsticks were only $2 a pop – now they cost 3 times that amount.

    I need to locate one of those MUFE palettes here in the states so I can start freebasing my own lipsticks.

    • Row says

      Hi Pandy

      They are fantastic lipsticks, love them but they do stink and have that horrible lipstick scent. I wouldn’t get a Rimmel item on the whim though because the lipsticks are £6-7 and the mascara’s are as much as £8!

  4. Zulekha says

    Hi just wanted to know where i can get an empty pallete for lipsticks?