Review & Swatch: Etude House Top Ten Tan Lip Glosses

Regular readers will know that I am obsessed at the moment with Korean cosmetics and skincare – this will be stalling for a while because of the postal strikes in the UK. I have noticed that post from Asia is taking twice as long and I get really agitated when my post doesn’t arrive.

Sad, I know.

Anyway I picked up these glosses from Etude House from eBay for £12 for the set (search for Etude House Top Ten Gloss).

TOP+10+Dear+Darling+Gloss+5g.jpg (JPEG Image, 400x400 pixels).jpg

They don’t necessarily comes as a set by the way, I just found a deal. There’s a sparkly pink and a sparkly peach gold:

etude house top 10 lip gloss.jpg

Pretty packaging, check. Sparkly glosses, check. See more after the jump!The sparkly pink is very sparkly indeed. The gloss in a medium texture, not too light or thick and wears well on the lips for a gloss:

etude house top 10.jpg

The Etude House Top 10 Tan range has a few bronzing tints, eyeliner, bronzer and these glosses. A lot of Asian products go for the whitening effect over the tan, so its nice to see something a bit different.

The gold-beige is really really pretty and just my kind of shade. Its nude but rather than being a garish white, the peach base makes it softer and quite a plumping gloss.

The sparkles in it are just lovely because there are all kinds of colours in there:

etude house top 10 tan lip gloss.jpg

What the also do well with sparkly Asian glosses is manage to get sparkle without grit.

etude house top 10 gloss.jpg

On the lips:

etude house lip gloss.jpg

The pink is more conventional than the gold but still very nice. They aren’t very sticky either:

etude house lip gloss-1.jpg

Once again a really nice gloss to own. I like micro-sparkles anyway, and this set is a very easy to wear, and non boring set to own.

Lip gloss etude house top ten.jpg

I’ve been buying more lipsticks recently too from Etude House so it will be good to see if they are any good, and if they carry more pigment than the usual uber sheer Japanese lipsticks.

Like these glosses? Or do you dislike sparkle on the lips?

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  1. Heather says

    I’m loving these glosses! I prefer non-gritty glitter lipglosses, so these are clearly a winner :)