Quick Illamasqua Toxic Nature Collection Swatches! Hollow, Emerge, Gamma!

Sorry, my brain is not working properly today and I have one of those hectic (but exciting, life stuff) weeks coming up!

So I shall share a few Illamasqua swatches with you – hope this will keep you entertained for at least 4 minutes? *bows repeatedly*.

These are the items I got in my Illamasqua goody bag from their Toxic Nature event. I personally really like the collection; it’s a lot softer than usual:


The cream pigments I really like and I hope to purchase the dirty purple one once I get a chance to go shopping (actually I am on a no buy as of this week!!!!!)….

I got two of the more natural shades:#alttext#

Emerge is a pale peach, a great base or retro lip colour and Hollow is a mid brown with no shimmer – I think it’d be nice on the eyes but also it was recommended as a contour colour and I totally dig that idea, because I prefer cream textures on the cheeks.



(Did I just say ‘dig’?)

So they are quite pale on my olive skintone but natural, nice, useful.

I also got the bright orange nail polish Gamma:


I hope Orange is in because I did some blog photos last night and I seem to have acquired a lot of orange products! This polish fits in nicely.

Did you buy anything from Toxic Nature?

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