Japanese Hairdye Questions & Dariya Palty Hair Dye in Mango Jelly

This is the last hair dye I used. Yes another hair dye….Palty Mango Jelly.

I bought it because I like Mango. The colour came secondary. If they ever released a hair dye called Gammon and Pineapple, I’d be on it like a shot.

Mango Jelly, for the record, is a medium golden brown. A little too golden. Within weeks it was brassy. Oh stripper pole, here I come….

palty hair dye.jpg

Here’s what you get with a typical Palty Kit (they do have some STUNNING colours that work so well on Asian hair):

palty hair dye-2.jpg

I prefer Prettia Hair Dye (its a foam) over the Palty because you don’t get enough with Palty whereas the Prettia Foam really stretches.

In fact Japanese Hair Dyes in general seem to be quite small…portioned. Do Japanese people have smaller heads? Less hair? These are thoughts that keep me up at night.

Anyway the reason for this post, since I don’t have a picture of how brassy my hair got with Mango Jelly (imagine Tila Tequila but with bigger tittays) is because I get a lot of Japanese hair dye questions.

If you have any for me, ask away on this post! I am not saying I am an expert but I’ve tried quite a few brands now and quite a lot of shades so I may be able to help!

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  1. chocolate cosmos says

    I tried this hair dye on a whim. It made my hair brassy within weeks and yup, you are right, there wasn’t enough dye. I used 2 boxes (which is usu enough for my almost waist length hair), but I freaked out when I found it wasn’t quite enough! The mall is about 2.5 hours away by bus so I had to make do with what I had :( That was the last time I am going to use Palty, though the colors are gorgeous on the models.

  2. Ashley says

    I tried Palty a few months back, maybe 2 or 3 & my roots are showing HORRIBLY!! I tried Caramel something or another.. I had to use two boxes because the first time it only dyed my roots & the second time it didn’t change much even though I skipped my roots & went straight to the locks. It looks so brassy & red now. I HATE IT!! I hate the models on the box, they lie =(

  3. says

    Hi row =] Is there a japanese hairdye that are cool toned browns that dont have any brassiness?? i heard the ash in some hair colors on black virgin hair may turn it green =/ i saw you reviews on prettia kao too did the cool beige work well??

  4. Wei says

    I had exactly the same experience with Palty – brassiness, not enough product, result colour nothing like the box. I got great results with the Kao though! The foam consistency is great for a clutz like me.

    Are there any UK drugstore hairdyes that have worked well for you Row?

  5. camilla says

    hi there,. i really what to try
    honey Peanut Palty…
    first i want to see, how it works to black hair
    cuz the way i see it on the model pics.
    its so light..

    so do u have any idea how i looks like to black hair?
    or did? u ever try this color?

  6. lily says

    guys!!!! i need your help!
    my hair at this time is red but i want to get rid of it!!!!

    what color could cover my reddish color? anything but black and dark brown.
    i want something like light brown or dirty blond or even lighter,is it possible?

    red color is very naughty,you probably know

    • Row says

      Hi Lilly

      Red is REALLY hard to get rid of! You should see a professional hairdresser.

      When this happened to me I used a hair dye remover to take out the red (it does work weel try RUSK ELIMINATE from Sallys) then do your dye but there’s no guarantee blonde will work!

  7. Lola says

    Hey..i was wondering…how brassy or light it was on your hair? Since my hair is kinda brownish, black would it turn out ok?

  8. says

    I tried this product before. and I had black virgin hair. And the dye actually got on my hair. I was surprised. I forgot which one I used but now my hair is like an orangey-brown with a bit red shade. But You could tell its brown. And I think it`s fading away. .__. ; My brother was smart enough to try to spread the dye to my whole head because i only had one box. But then, Do you think palty fade away fast? Is it permanent ? How many wash does it take to be fade away? Im like a “everyday-wash my hair person” and Im scared and Im like only washing my hair 4 times a week . .__. ; or maybe less.

  9. NANA says

    to JESSICA : hi^^ it’s nana here.. you tried this dariya palty product and your hair does really look like the one on the picture?? how long is your hair?? ^^

  10. lena says

    Thanks for the nice tips.. My hair is wavy and naturally ash brown… I really want to avoid copper. I am willing to try Prettia Chiffon beige since I thought beige can keep copper tones under control… What would you recommend? I just want to add a bit of sunshine to my hair… So Prettia Chiffon beige or Honey Brown?


    • Row says

      Hi Lena

      Oh I don’t know! I personally like Honey Brown but it totally depends, it might bring out the copper in your hair so maybe beige :/ please do a strand test!

  11. lena says


    Thank you very much for the feedback. I dyed my hair to Prettia Chiffon Beige.. I am happy with the results so far… I got exactly the same color with the ad under sunlight… I think beige helps a lot to calm down the copper tones.. I highly recommend!
    ps: I put the color on for 45 minutes, gathered my hair under a bonnet and blow dried it for about 20 minutes

  12. Crystal says

    I would like to know what is good for the skin tone of a puerto rican decent person. Also how much is it for the shoulder length person. Do you know of the New World Mall? That or chinatown is where I am able to puchase it and if you have been there then you might recall what hair dyes were there. If not then it’s alright. Thanks for any answer/help you are able to provide. Oh yeah, it’s my first time as yoou can tell, lol. Have a great day.

    • Row says

      Hi Crystal

      Sorry I don’t know what the New World Mall is. Are you quite dark skinned? I am quite tan too and to be honest I go for the darker or honey toned dyes (but they might not show up really brightly on black hair)

  13. Jessie says

    Hey! I’m African-American and I’ve never dyed my hair before. My hair is naturally black. I was wondering what colours of this dye or the Liese/Prettia hair dye you suggest for me? I was thinking of Liese’s Marshmallow brown but idk…