Etude House Orgel Light Eyeshadow Trio

Etude House is a Korean cosmetics brand which makes some extremely cute products and it getting more and more well known in the west.

I have one or two things from Etude House, but this is the first shadow from them I’ve owned: *Etude*House NEW! Korea Orgel Light Eyes Eye Shadow #06 (item 120260533112 end time Feb 04, 2009 17_46_13 SGT).jpg *Etude*House NEW! Korea Orgel Light Eyes Eye Shadow #06 (item 120260533112 end time Feb 04, 2009 17_46_13 SGT)-1.jpg

There are only two palettes that interest me here – the rest are too pastely – 06 for that amazing looking blue and 07, which browns and khakis. I got 07 from eBay:


It’s SUPER metallic. It’s medium pigmented – nothing a good base or double swipe won’t fix but I can’t emphasize how sparkly and metallic this is:


I personally love it, because I love my sparkles. If you prefer to be more cautious with your shimmer, I would suggest using with a MATTE base for more of a controlled shimmer. I don’t think an all over highly shimmery or metallic eye is flattering on anyone.

The top shade is a metallic cream, middle is a dirty khaki olive and the bottom is a teddy bear brown.



You like?

I’d recommend picking these up if you like shimmers and pretty things overall – price is around $15-£25, anything more is a rip off. If you are a bit older, or have crepey skin I would avoid using this all over anyway.

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  1. says

    Whereabouts did you manage to locate this palette?

    I recently ordered the Pore Erasing Base from the Spring 08 Peach collection, and might get the “Peach Skin Pact” Powder. I don’t understand why Etude refers to pressed powder as a ‘Pact’; is blotting it on akin to swearing an oath and signing you name in blood?

    It seems like an interesting brand, and I would like to purchase more Etude House products, but the 250% markups are highway robbery!

    • Row says

      Hey Pandy

      This was on eBay – there are lots of them on there. Also check out its quite reasonable from there.

      Yeah a lot of asian brands are called things like PACT, or MOISTURE DRIPPING PORE SILK or something silly like that.

  2. sue says

    I like etude house – so far i’ve tried the peach skin pact, big eye vitcara mascara, orgel light lipgloss, & another orgel light lipstick. i like them all except for the lipstick because i find it drying & not very pigmented. the peach skin pact smells lovely and goes over my bb cream nicely~I bought them from gmarket so the price is very reasonable. I just pay for international shipping. I want to try their “i can’t stop smiling collection” next.

    • Row says

      Hey Sue

      I like etude house too! I have tried a few things and I have the peach stuff and its lovely but its not quite matching my skin tone. I’ll have a look at gmarket too sometimes it just leaves my head spinning!

    • Row says

      Li! Metorites are way to dusty! you should take some La Mer Translcent powder. Email me. I can get you a gram…

  3. Li says

    Hahaha! That’s on my super want list, or how do you say, I am ‘lemming’ it a little?

    Meteorites smell a little lilac but the Butterfly Pearls give my complexion a glow and are not so dusty that I’d call them Mothorites 😀 haha*snort*ha

    • Row says

      LOL!!! I have a few Metorites, but it never caught on for me, not sure why. I think because I get frustrated seeing the balls go round and round…