Top 5 List – Where to buy your Asian cosmetics

I get asked a lot about the best places to buy Asian cosmetics. Most of these places will be known to fans of Asian products, but hopefully you will find some good sources too. Read on to see the list!…1. Adambeauty

Based in Hong Kong.

Product Types: Japanese and Chinese Cosmetics. Lower and Mid end ranges, a few high end (like Cle De Peau base products)

Prices: Very good, always reasonable.

Shipping: $2 USD recorded and very fast and very reliable service.

Service: Excellent. Adam responds promptly to problems.

Rating: 5/5. The site itself is old and a make over to the navigation would be a dream, however its still my no.1 place to shop, it’s almost like going home…

2. Ichibankao

Based in Japan. Began like on eBay and quickly became a store.

Product Types: Japanese

Prices: Fairly expensive. Price of goods includes shipping and of course their own profit, so it does work out more than say, Adambeauty.

Shipping: Free, or $2 recorded, $6 EMS. I always end up getting EMS as I have had 2 deliveries missing in the past.

Service: Very Good – Kelly who runs Ichibankao is efficent.

Rating: 3.5/5. Prices are steep compared to Adambeauty, but Kelly can get hold of nearly any brand you want in Japan.

3. Shopping99

Product Types: Taiwanese brands, mainly one called Mu Gu

Prices: Very affordable but shipping isn’t cheap, nor is customs fees.

Service: Non-existent because I have tried emailing CS but clearly they don’t understand me so you are kind of at their mercy.

Rating: 3.5/5

The site is vast and very hard to use!!! Check out my tutorial here – the stuff is cool but the quality is varied, the prices are higher once you consider shipping, tax etc.

4. Evil eBay

Product Types: All sorts from all around the world.

Shipping: eBayers like to take the mickey a little and charge high prices because they can charge, for example $8 for the first item then do the rest at 20% off or 50% so if you buy three eyeliners it could cost about $16 which is quite a lot.

Prices: Varies – you will get bargains on Auctions, rather than buy it now.

Service: Depends on the seller, totally. They can’t leave you negative anymore and no matter what a seller says or specifies, legally, THEY are responsible for an item untill it arrives. If you have tracking it is STILL their job to claim for the item if it goes lost, not yours, therefore they should refund you and claim later. If the claim won’t go through later, it’s their problem not yours (just ask me, the long suffering ex-eBay powerseller!).

Sellers I like and have bought from many times:

Ginsengseafood (hong kong)
ipinkkorea (korea)
Vooboodoo (hong kong – also linked to facial-shop, sometimes there are things on here that aren’t in the shop)
mssskel (US)

Rating: 4/5 for good sellers, 1/5 for evil eBay who fleece you from every angle but are reducing options for buyers and sellers all the time.

5. Facial Shop

Product Types: Chinese, Japanese goods

Prices: Average or sometimes, some great bargains to be found

Service: Very good, shipping is super super fast

Shipping: Free and is sent recorded

Rating: 3.8/5

There is no consistency at Facial-Shop – it a bit like shopping in a charity shop and not being sure of what will or won’t be in. Additionally some things will only have one thing is stock and that’s it and because the system is slow in updating, I have bought things only for them to be out of stock later. It’s good for finding one off treats.

Also try:

Jpmon based in Taiwan

Gmarket (Korean Brands)

Bobodave (Japanese brands, expensive, charges a fee for using paypal and for shipping.)

Sasa (Hong Kong based company, some really nice little nick naks but you will get charged customs over £18)

Strawberrynet (Customs fee guaranteed but will be refunded, no longer a good bargain because of the current exchange rates).


Any other places you buy from please share in the comments!

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  1. says

    haha I completely agree about Facial Shop. Its hard to find anything there unless you visit every now and then to see what else is new. And usually someone else has already snapped it up before you :/

  2. tammy says

    i recommend gooddealer, fast, efficient and excellent customer service. i stay in singapore so i got all my Japanese makeup porn in less than 1 week! they will send tracking pixel the moment their men send your stash to Hongkong post station.

    • Row says

      Hi Tammy

      Not tried gooddealer yet! I can find what I want on eBay so far but I will have a look !

  3. Ania says

    what happens if they dont refund you? I know its 21st century but i still have so many insecurities to use ebay

    • Row says

      Hi Ania

      Yes if you use Paypal they have a system to help you get your money back! Nothing is 100% but make sure you check the seller has good feedback and always use paypal.