November 2013 Beauty Wish List!


Happy November!  I love November, it’s a busy month for Birthdays for me, plus, it’s getting close to Christmas! I have actually done 90% of my Christmas shopping already – I wanted to be organised.  I haven’t had any make up cravings for a while then all of a sudden, a bit of browsing, and suddenly there’s stuff I want again! I am quite selective about things on my wish list, as I have so […]

Sunday Shopping: Random Beauty Finds from around the Web and ASOS are STUPID

I’m writing this post on a late Saturday night whilst I watch Breaking Bad and do a bit of internet browsing – always dangerous for random shopping!   I’ve found some gems you beauties may like!  Firstly – Pixi! I absolutely adore their Endless Silky Eye Pen especially the colour options (such as bronze and teal) so wanted to get on my hands on their newest green liner.  Then I spotted this kit: It includes […]

Where to buy Mary Quant make up? Mary Quant London Store Visit, Haul and Product Chit Chat


I have been lusting over Mary Quant make up for a long long time having read VOCE, MAQUIA and other Japanese beauty magazines that regularly feature the range.  Mary Quant used to be a British brand but the cosmetics range is now Japanese produced and is thriving in Japan. I have lots of memories when it comes to the range! I remember my mum owning a lipstick and triangular shaped blusher which was a hot, […]

Sunday Impulsive Shopping with Miss Candy

It’s Sunday and whats a better way to kill some time than a quick, what I call a ‘whip around’ the usual haunts? Despite my resolution to buy less make up this year, I still get…lets call it the urge. I presume its similar…(sorry, the cat has just decided to use my thigh knee as a barstool)…the urge sex addicts and alcoholics get when they just *need* a hit. I presume. Here are some bits […]

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