Post Natal Hair Loss Woes: LA Science Follicle Stimulating Shampoo Review


I had been forewarned by my mother and aunts that after giving birth it would be highly likely that I would lose what seems like, a lot of hair.  I didn’t really pay much attention, as those first months pass like a haze, and I seemed to do fine in the hair department. Then exactly 3 months post partum, the hair loss began.  For me it was handfuls of hair falling out when I had […]

Speed Review: Clynol Anti Hair Loss Shampoo & Tonic


The though of losing hair is always scary, especially when being youthful and attractive seems to mean having a thick head of hair. In fact 6 out of 10 women experience hair loss at some point in their lives; stress, diet or genes could be to blame. I know that when I am stressed I lose hair more easily, and I remember in my teens finding a patch on my scalp which was dramatically thinner […]

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