Random Polish of the Week No. 1: ELF Nail Polish in Teal Blue and Purple Dream

It’s the start of random nail week! Where I swatch some of the pretty polishes that have come my way!

First up is the cheapest of them all, ELF nail polish. Here are two of their newer shades, Purple Dream and Teal Blue:


I knew these would be cheap, I didn’t realise how cheap. I presumed they were about £3 each – they are only £1.50 each! Amazing! I’m not one for super expensive nail polish so I am happy that these polishes are affordable and pretty good!

I really like Teal Blue. I like these kinds of shades anyway but 2 coats was enough to leave a really bold, opaque finish:


Purple Dream is slightly metallic, which I don’t usually like but I do like this polish. I prefer it over a very dark purple and even the sort of murky lilac people are in to:


I really like these polishes! I have my eye on Mango Madness, Passion Pink and Smoky Brown!

See ELF polishes here.

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