Pre Wedding Mini Japanese Make Up Haul!

For my up coming wedding (feels so odd saying that!) I purchased a few fail safe products from Japan (well actually Hong Kong!). No one makes waterproof make up like the Japanese do, so I picked up a few tried and tested goodies so I would have a new set to use come the big day!

Japanese Make Up Naris Up Koji SANA

If you ever need super waterproof make up then good brands to look at are SANA, Naris Up and Koji! Koji in particular make tons of mascara, eyeliner and brow products which aren’t too expensive compared to their western counterparts.  

So I purchased…

1) SANA Extra Large Mascara – first mascara I tried that TRULY holds curl. Like a lot of mascaras, this is no so good brand new and gets better with a week or so useage! This will not budge at all – it’s actually a pain to get off for for this one day, that is a good thing!

2) Naris Up 24h Gel Liner – I have squillions of gel eyeliners and many claim to be waterproof, most are not. This is about as water tight as I can find in a creamy gel liner.

3) Koji 1 Day Long Coat Eyeliner Coat – This is a sealing gel type product – you put it on top of eyeliner to keep it sealed in.  It’s clear, doesn’t sting or leave a weird glossy finish on top of the product. 

4) Koji Line Quen Slim Liner – This is a liquid eyeliner pen – it’s a really good one as the nib is like a felt tip so easy to use, it is REALLY black, lasts for ages and draws a very thin line which is preferable. Also, the top end of the liner is long and slim so you can see what you are doing and work between things like fake lashes. 

That’s my haul! If you were doing you make up for a special occasion, what products would old favourites would you choose?

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  1. says

    Lemmings! I haven’t tried any of those products, argh.
    As I slowly clear out my stash, maybe I can start trying these products out 😀