Paese / Aurifere Cosmetics: Overview, Long Cover Foundation, Nail Polish & Eyeshadow!

I quite randomly got a package with some goodies inside a good few weeks ago – inside contained some make up brushes (which I love, review later) and this box set of Paese make up:


Paese is a polish brand and on their UK site, they say:

The Mecca of elegance and vibrant colors in makeup is Italy. In Italian the word land is translated into PAESE (read Páez). This is the most relevant and resonant expression, which determines what we do every day.

When I see the word Paese all I can think about is Pease Pudding. Where did I get that from? Maid Marion and her Merry Men perhaps?!

Anyway let’s look at pretty make up…#alttext#

You get four items in this gift set – a really nice way to get an overview of the brand.

Long Cover Fluid Foundation (£8.99):

Ultra light and very comfortable consistency harmonizes skin colors perfectly and hides any skin imperfections, making it fresh and radiant throughout the day, without a need for any touch ups. Long Cover Fluid cares, moisturizes and soothes skin irritation with vitamins A, C and E, provitamin B5 and Karite butter. It leaves no traces on clothes.

The bottle is a bit messy. I think in this case it wouldn’t take me to long it get it everywhere:


This is a pretty decent foundation! It’s a long lasting base, it has a medium thick texture and when it goes on the skin, you have time to work it in then it dries and sets. It isn’t as drying as some long lasting foundations are but that’s because it has a rich texture.

Oilier skins should be wary of this though. The result is quite dewy rather than matte.

Shade 02 Natural is a bit too light for me but there is shade 03 and 04 which look like they’d be closer to my skintone.


Overall a nice base but a bit too thick for my liking. The finish is very flawless though.

Dancing Queen Trio Eyeshadow in 803 (£4.24):


I had a swatch of this but now I can’t find the photo! It is a pigmented and shimmery eyeshadow – not in any way disappointing and quite pretty to wear. This Dancing Queen trio is sparkly…they also have some more subtle shimmer ones.

For the price it is a great product.

Shade 110 Vinyl Nail Polish (£3.40):

The polishes are great value! I found this a bit thin with one coat, with two coats it left quite a nice finish (I think!). It’s a runny polish and I prefer this because I have so little skillz when it comes to applying polish – I always smudge it!

This is called the Vinyl Nail Polish – the result is shiny but not really ‘vinyl’. Also it lasts about 3-4 days without chipping which is average but not the 7 days it claims.


Long Kiss Lip Gloss (£4.99):

The lip gloss is based on a modern 3in1 formula which combines the advantages of lip-gloss, lipstick and lip balm.

Sorry I don’t remember what shade this is – it’s a pretty sheer pink with loads of sparkles. I like this gloss I certainly would try more lip products from them although I wouldn’t call it a lip gloss AND lipstick AND lip balm!!! I’d say it is specifically a LIP GLOSS!

It’s not that long wearing either – just an average balm that keeps its shine for an hour or so and needs reapplication.



Overall the Paese brand is affordable and quite interesting – definitely a nice range and worth taking a look at. Check out the site here.

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  1. Jen says

    Your nails always look so perfect in nail polish swatches…how do you get them so smooth and looking like acrylics??

    • Row says

      Hi Jen

      Oh I am rubbish at applying polish!! I don’t do anything to them – I rarely wear polish I think it dries your nails out so much! And drink your mums soup! That’s my honest tips!!!

  2. Jen says

    hehe I always drink my mum’s soup (usually have seconds too lol) Definitely true about polish drying your nails out, my nails always look awful after I take polish off that’s been on for a few days! Think I will be investing in some nail treatments to get them ship-shape again! Thanks for the tips 😀