Natural Lips but better: Ettusais Melty Touch Rouge in Beige

I already have one Ettusais Melty Touch Rouge, and I love it! As these are limited edition, I bought one in Beige too.

Doesn’t the packaging make you want to moo?


I knew from my previous purchase that these lipsticks are not very pigmented, but are quite glossy and leave a sheer veil of colour. Beige is indeed pretty sheer and lighter than it looks in the tube – but is this such a crime?!


The magic part of these lip colours is that they have a ‘dripping’ core, which is actually more like a jelly texture – it’s clear and filled with sparkles.

Here it is on me:#alttext#

As you can see, a LOT lighter than the tube, it’s almost a ‘white-beige’ and very glossy. Nevertheless, after years of buying nude, I know a good nude (pretty, sexy, juicy) from a bad one (grey, corpsey, deathly) and this is a really lovely one.

I just hope I don’t lose it. *cough*

What do you think?

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