Mini Haul: MAC Style Black Greasepaint Stick in Black

“Buy the Black Greasepaint stick from MAC!” shouted the voices in my head, so off I went to my local counter, where I stood aimlessly for 20 minutes, burning a hole into the SA’s head untill she served me. “Give me TWO!” I said. I don’t know why I let myself get swept away like that. But anyway, here it is:

mac greasepaint stick .jpg

The entire Style Black collection is right up my street, but I am trying to control…sort of….my make up purchases. Love the idea of black lipstick and gloss but will I ever wear it out? Will I even wear it twice? Nope.

mac greasepaint stick.jpg

Read on to see swatches and alternatives to the Style Black Collection!

I am guessing the Greasepaint sticks will become a replacement for the rather rubbish Shadesticks which were difficult to use without warming up. This pen is rather lovely though, in pigment and texture. It is slightly greasy, but it is called ‘Greasepaint’ – it ran when it was on my waterline but I do have watery eyes (or is it tears?)…

mac greasepaint.jpg

It’s not strictly black, more of a dark-dark-black-purple with a slight shimmer to it. I love it! It will work fine as an eyeliner and great as a base too. This is the same as the black one from the DSquared collection by the way, so perhaps you don’t need to rush out and buy it like I did.

mac greasepaint-1.jpg

I had my eyes on the Style Black Cream Colour Place in Black, but now I think my Nars Zardoz Cream Eyeshadow is just as good and more opaque (but both crease). I also badly wanted the Eyeshadows from Style Black and they are gorgeous but I think the four Too Faced Galaxy Glam shadows I have are just a lovely and buttery soft (I also spy four new shades in the Galaxy Glam!)


Did you buy anything from Style Black?

Sorry for the sporadic posting today its been hectic! Back to normal tomorrow!

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  1. S says

    Hi there,

    I’m looking for a waterproof/smudgeproof pencil eyeliner that will last longer then an hour in my waterline. I’ve tried brands like chanel, dior, lancome, urban decay, mac but none of them are great! Mac works the best so far but i find the best thing is the fluidline but these dry out my eyes.

    Any recommendations??



    Great site btw!