NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils; Purple Velvet, Electric Blue, Pure Gold and Rocky Mountain Green Swatches

I am a fan of the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils – I like them as a base for eyeshadows, because I do think they crease quite easily.

I have already swatched a number of colours but when I saw four new additions (or newer!) I had to buy them! The shades are Purple Velvet, Electric Blue, Pure Gold and Rocky Mountain Green Swatches – each one appealed to me!


As always, the texture is quite soft, and the colours are quite pigmented. I think these newer pencils are a bit waxier…I think that the colours are just that tiny bit more difficult to use on my eyes that previous shades.

But still for the price they are fun additions.



Do you own any NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils?

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  1. I go in phases with using my jumbo eye pencils. I own Cottage Cheese, Purple, Lemon, Pots & Pans, Oyster, Hot Pink, Black Bean and Cherry. Since I have oily lids they crease easily on me, so I tend to use them on top of my eye shadow primer, as a base to help some colors pop.

  2. I only have Milk which I use as a base. I do recall having a blue one too but I never use it >_< The purple looks useful since a lot of purples I have don't really show up well. Btw, isit true that they are 'auto' now? No sharpening needed?

    If you can, please drop me a msg in my chat box or sth tht u've replied. ^^ Thx

  3. I’d love to try them, but like Phyrra I have oily lids too, so I’m afraid to get them, as they will crease on me :(


  4. can you give out some of the make up you don’t use anymore :D

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