Lemming Murdered: Creme De La Mer Treatment Powder Foundation

the_treatment_powder_foundation_spf_15_la_mer Hallo ladies – very very busy today so bear with me…

Ever had this thing, where you want something so badly, so so so badly (see Confessions of a Shopoholic if you need to understand what I mean) and then suddenly, something clicks – it just clicks and you don’t want it anymore?

It’s like having a big crush on someone then realising they are 5’2 and have been wearing stacked shoes or extra thick trainers.

I wanted La Mer’s new Treatment Powder Foundation so badly.  I like La Mer a lot even though they are expensive (the foundation is exclusive to Selfridges in the UK from May to October 09 by the way).  I thought it would be about £90 but its actually £58 – woo-hoo I thought and then I found out…

It’s not refillable.  What a giant boo-boo.  It’s no so much that I would have to buy the whole thing again in 8 months time or something, (I get sick of the sight of the same make up after a while anyway – yes, really) its the wastage.  What a waste of a shiny, pretty compact.  How annoying that La Mer didn’t bother to consider making it refillable when it costs so much money.

Lemming died.  Need new lemming.

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