Smooth those crinkles! Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Complex Review


Sooner or later you’ll in the mirror and go ARRGHAGHGHGHHHHHHH! Where did that wrinkle come from!?   So far I have spotted some lines of my forehead (why?! I am rarely surprised) and some fine ones under the eye (boo) but zero crows feet (yay!).  But with such dry skin at the moment it does concern me that my wrinkles will suddenly come in thick and fast (oily skin seems to keep much better).  I […]

Soap & Glory Fill Monty Dab On Wrinkle Filler Review


Come ye, come ye, and check out a new product that landed on my desk at Candy HQ – Soap & Glory’s Fill Monty (geddit?!) Dab On Instant Wrinkle Filler. Wrinkle Filler? Like Pollyfilla? Well…basically yes. As always the packaging is very cute: This product is said to fill in lines that crows feet, frown lines and smile lines leave behind. Dab it on UNDER make up (so important – I did this over and […]

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