Yves Saint Laurent Creme De Blush Cream Blusher in Velvet Peach & Fuchsia Temptation

The product that I was most excited to play with from the YSL collection was the Creme De Blush. The first three colours have been launched before, three ready to wear shades (Velvet Peach, Powder Rose and Silky Praline) and two catwalk shades called Passion Red and Temptation Fuchsia which are BRIGHT.

They say:

Yves Saint Laurent plays with color in a collection of cream blushes that sculpt and highlight the cheekbones in an “ultra-natural” way.

On contact with the skin, the creamy texture turns into a light powdery film.
Velvety soft, light and airy, its exceptionally smooth texture blends perfectly and the color adapts like a “second skin”.


The packaging is like all YSL, in shiny gold and luxurious. I chose two chased, Velvet Peach for every day and Temptation Fuchsia just because it looked like so much fun:

Here are the colours. Both of these are gorgeous colours – I love peaches anyway and this is a warm orange coral brown type shade. Fuchsia Temptation is part of the Spring 2011 ‘look’, Bohemian Chic and looks so much fun.

The texture of these is firm – NOT HARD – just not oily or waxy in anyway. It got more of a siliconey feel to it and has just the right amount of pigmentation.


I absolutely love love love love love Fuchsia Temptation. It is absolutely hot florescent pink it’s so bright:


But on the skin it’s just RIGHT. It’s not horridly bright and scary at on, it’s pretty and brightens the face (it’s not exactly powder pink either, it has the right amount of kick).

Swatches of a small amount of product:


Once it sets, it stays all day, I find cream blushers disappear on me but this lasted all day as a bit of a stain.


These are fab but if you can only grab one, it must be Fuchsia!

These are £28 each.

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  1. KittyBonkers says

    Wow that pink is GORGEOUS, I would love to have it if it weren’t for the price tag!!

    Kitty x

  2. says

    My To Buy list is growing longer. I’ll move these YSL cream blushers to the top though cause they look absolutely scary yet lovable!

  3. tigerslovepepper says

    Wow, I’m just looking for a peach/coral MATTE blush! The fuchsia one is lovely too but I’m afraid that wearing it I would be look like Heidi. I mean Miyazaki’s Heidi, not the super hot Heidi Klum.

  4. says

    wow they’re both gorgeous! I’m surprise how beautiful it comes out when the colour looks so weird in the pot. haha
    thanks for the review and swatches :)

  5. Jen says

    Pretty! Especially loving the pink one swatched…looks scary in the pot but glowy on the skin! Wonder how well these keep, as in drying out in the pot…I have a Dior creme/mousse blush pot that dried out within a few months…still usable but just a bit more difficult to blend lol

    • Row says

      Hi Jen

      I’ll keep an eye on it! so far its ok, it doesnt feel like a traditional mousse to me if that makes sense? I don’t think it’ll dry so easily!

  6. says

    so pretty! they sure know how to create products that we want to buy!

    I have the same concern that Jen has, so I’ll stick to my canmake cream blush :)

  7. Jen says

    I’ll have to check out the YSL when I’m next near a counter to compare the texture to the Dior one, the YSL is probably more creamy than the traditional mousse-type then? Any ideas of how to revive a dried-out cream blush that’s seen better days? Smush it down?!

    • Row says

      Hi Jen

      It’s creamier, but I’d more ‘silicone’ based if that makes sense. I would PERSONALLY, scoop out the dried product, add some glycerin and warm it slowly like on a tealight then when its smooth pour it back into the pot 😀 Or I’d adda butter to it or wax, ie. a bit of shea or cocoa butter OR you could use a bit of castor oil but you don’t want it too sloppy!

  8. Jen says

    Ooooh…I actually have some glycerin in the kitchen cupboard from when I had a cough…might give that a go then! Thanks Row :)