Yum Yum for my Tum

Just a quickie…I will posting soon on a wonderful CP that Musey sent to me – inside was a load of American Candy and my favourite of all time – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!

Seeing as the BF felt the need to munch through most of the bag whilst he was playing Grand Car Theft – or whatever its called – I found a UK supplier who stocks Reese’s for a decent price and ordered 3 boxes of it…and ended up with three of these!:

Like the ones you get in a corner shop! Woo-hoo! I may well convert my bed into a shop and sell the bars at an inflated price to feed my make up habit. Or maybe I’ll just eat them all myself…

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  1. MandyPandy says

    Grand Theft Auto, eh? What version? My favorite is San Andreas.

    Ahhh… Reeses. The only candy that could make me pine for Crunchie & Aero.

    I’m more of a Snickers/Marathon gal myself; if I’ve got more than one, I’ll continue to eat them until I develop the shakes/nausea.

  2. Row says


    I’m going to bake you Aero & Reeces pie with crunchie bits on top :)

    Now don’t you find the Snickers/Marathon combo with caramel too sweet. Normally I peel off the choc, eat the nuts, then give the caramel and mousse layer to the BF.

    I have no idea which version I think it is San Andreas. PS2 Version. And he keep playing war games. They aren’t much fun to watch, I quite like watching games like Silent Hill though, something with more of a narrative and so I can be useful and go, “left, left, left – oh I mean right.”

  3. MandyPandy says

    Actually, I thought about it, and realized that I don’t hate Crunchie that much. It was the juxtaposition of the crunchy honeycombed toffee center and the soft, sugary chocolate coating that freaked me out. Compared to Reeses Cups, Crunchie is manna from the Heavens. IDK how you can love them so!

    Yes, ofcourse Snickers bars are too sweet; that’s why they give me the shakes! Sweet Baby Jesus, that is some wonderful stuff! But yes, they are basically diabetes in a convenient plastic wrapper.

    PS: Did you know there’s a Reeses breakfast cereal here in the US? I’ve always wondered: why eat cereal instead of the actual peanut butter cup? Is it that much healthier than the candy?

  4. Row says

    Woooaaahhhh cereal? Wow. I noticed a Reeces Lip Balm, wow that would e amazing.

    For purposes of research I was trying to figure out why I love it somuch – I think thes the nut and salt combo.

    I love the salty twang – the ones Musey sent me taste nicer than the ones I ordered, but It could be a few duff ones. Or maybe having 288 at my disposal makes them less attractive…