Yu Skin / Yu Be loves Miffy

Screw you MAC and your Hello Kitty collection. Before our favourite little kitty cat took over the world, there was a tight lipped, dignified little rabbit, called Miffy.

I like Miffy. Whilst Hello Kitty is whoring herself out, promoting MAC and getting skin cancer..

tropical_hello_kitty_2.jpg (JPEG Image, 300x300 pixels).jpg

Miffy stays tight lipped and keeps it real.

So I squealed like a girl, a real girl when I saw Yu Skin’s (or Yu Be in Europe) Bruna* range with Miffy:

Misc Products.jpg
Misc Products-1.jpg

*Bruna refers to Dick Bruna, the creator of Miffy.

Yuskin is a range of medicated creams from Japan, good for dry skin and general dermatological dodgyness. In the UK you can buy it from Space NK where they will squeeze every last penny from you by inflating the prices as high as possible.

The YuSkin Bruna Series has been made of sensitive skin and is recommended for babies, from 3 months old.

The secret ingredients is Perilla Leaf Extract:

Yuskin Bruna Skincare Series????????????.jpg

The range includes:

* Medicated Cream – thick textured cream
* Medicated Lotion – thinner easy to apply lotion
* UV lotion (spf 20)
* Lip Balm in a stick
* Medicated Body Shampoo
* Baby sponge

This isn’t limited edition but they are on www.ichibankao.com where they are currently on sale because they are apparently very hard to get hold of once they sell out.

I have indulged in a few goodies since I am still suffering from irritated skin – but can I use something this cute?!?! I shall try!

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  1. Elizabeth says

    I want some Yuskin! I am postively turning into a lizard with my dry patches, that no amount of prescribed ointments can cure! Im afraid in my eyes the Hello Kitty MAC collaboration does jack shit. My childhood just weeps at the thought of hello kitty done up in black vinyl. Saying that theres a pretty orangey/corally lipglass but everything else pastel meh. Have you seen the prices for the Hello Kitty Kouture stuff? Just the other crap with some rhinestones.. (or possibly swakoroahhdhsziziziz crystal business). But Miffy yes please, I had a little inflatable miffy seat type thing, all the books and a pajama holder thingy!

    • Row says

      Hey Elizabeth

      I know!!!!! Kitty shouldn’t be in black vinyl, for sure. I guess I was expecting too much but I am sure that everyone will go nutz for it. I have a miffy toothbrush and a diary :) Miffy is cool!