YSL White Gold Collection

So I mentioned how the Lavshuca Winter Palettes were meh and not really usable. So here’s a collection I picked up which I didn’t expect to but really really like – YSL’s Whie Gold/Love collection.

This is the whole collection:

Pretty huh, but very typical of YSL, glamourous and lots of pesky metal that gets covered by greasy fingerprint marks.

So theres -

YSL ‘White Gold’ Nail Lacquer – in 145 Starry Dream and 144 Red Desire

YSL ‘Rouge Pur Shine’ Lipstick – White Gold- there is also Starry Dream and Red Desire, all Ltd Editions

YSL ‘White Gold’ Celebration Palette – 3 eye shadows, 3 lipsticks, 1 lip gloss, 1 highlighter and 1 blusher. Total overload and some colours like the blush are hard to wear and even harder to use. Does look lovely though

YSL ‘White Gold’ Lip Palette – Can be worn as a fashion acessory and has to glosses, the glossy and red. How could you every bring yourself to wear, I mean, use this though!

YSL ‘White Gold’ Eyeshadow Palette – Four lightish metallic shades.

YSL Compact Powder for the Complexion – With Beige Powder and Pink, in the shape of a love heart

So I choose the White Gold Eyeshadow collection and the Lipstick in white gold, its like a true wet iridescent gloss – here is is and the swatches:

Since I get a very chaffed lips, I bought this exfoliating lip balm – do I wash it off afterwards, I asked the SA. You can lick it off, he said. I might do that, I replied. Anyway I was worried the grains would be too fine to get my dry skin off but its worked nicely and moisturises aswell.

I managed to blag a free gift for buying 3 things though! A mini brush set!:

Ok so animal print is not to everyones taste but the brushes are WONDERFUL. Bristles are soft but firm, have a good spring to them and the blusher brush is very full and leaves a good application! I’ve been brush mad lately, but I definately don’t need anymore after this set.

So the brush set is divine! You can buy it too for £17.

The White Gold Lipstick is lovely, like a truly wet gloss stick, and apparently can be used underneath lip colours for the same effect. The White Gold eyeshadow is divine too – when you use it with a little water, it literally looks like a buttery soft paste. It’s weird how well it works with a bit of liquid and this is definately the recommended way of using it :D

Hope you get to try this collection out too! It’s tres chic!

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