YSL Summer 2009 Tresor D’Afrique Collection

UPDATE: I regret buying the stupid eyeshadow palette so much. It’s pigmented but still a bit chalky and I still concede that there should be one shimmer in the palette.

Argh! I wish I could get a refund!

Do you like YSL? I liked the brand although its not one I buy from that often. It was hard not to like the Tresor D’Arfrique collection after seeing the promo:


Hot, eh?

It was pretty much hot of the press when I picked up one of the palettes today. Before those pictures though, let’s look at the collection!

Ooh! I must add, I really like how YSL have proper displays that clearly mark what is LE. Try asking an SA if so and so if LE and 99% they are just guessing.

Two LE palettes, one for eyes, one for lips:


Two lipsticks – the pink one (frozen Mango) is stunning and is the one used in the promo shot. However, I resisted as I have three – yes THREE Cle De Peau Silky Lipsticks in the post!

Preview of “YSL Summer 2009 Tresor D_Afrique Collection”.jpg

There’s a LE bronzer – very pretty but a bronzer is a bronzer. I couldn’t use all mine up even if I offered to do the make up for all the perma tanned girls in the North of England:


This bronzer comes in a HUGE palette. Way to big to carry around and it looks like a kidney.

Not LE but there are four water resistant cream shadows too, which remind me of Lavshuca’s eye jellies in texture. Completely smudgeproof and stunning – especially Amethyst Grey (no. 2). HOWEVER – I noticed the inital stunning shimmer faded after an hour on my hand although the dried and set beautifully.


I bought the LE eyeshadow palette:


All of the colours in it are MATTE. Oh yes. It’s summer! I want shimmer, I want sparkles. But ok, if YSL say its ok, I’ll believe them…


It would have been nice to have had ONE shimmer or glitter in this palette. The model is clearly wearing a pearly white in the corner of her eyes.


There’s a matte white, matte dark blue, matte plum, matte medium brown and that bright, matte blue


I was dumb enough to say to the SA – Hey! I want to look like the model in the promo shot! The make over was…pretty horrific. It was hideousity, but it was pretty bad. Who trains these SA’s? I was too polite to tell her to wash it off so had to wander round town looking like I didn’t own a mirror. Oh how I miss my Leena J (make up artist supremo).



I’m having buyers remorse, a little. But I think I can work with it, make it into a versatile palette. After all we have the makings of a bright fun palette (the blue) a natural palette (the brown and white) a smokey look (the plum or the dark blue). I just miss that touch of shimmer.

The texture is soft and fairly easy to blend – yet it IS pigmented but it’s not super glide on pigmeted – I would suggest a few layers would be necessary to get it really strong like in the promo shot. But can you wear the bold colours, like the blue sheer? I don’t think so. I think it’s supposed to be strong, supposed to be an accent.

With flash:


The collections should be out any time now. When the SA asks if you want to try the eyeshadow out, just don’t say yes.

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  1. Elizabeth says

    Sales assistants NEVER ask me if I want to try anything – they must be scared of my face. I have to actively ask if I can try it and most times I just get handed a brush. x

    • Row says

      Hey Elizabeth

      It’s true, these day most don’t ask you – they always go, do you want to apply it yourself, or do you want me to do it? Errmmm…isn’t that what your paid to do?


    • Row says

      Hi Minette

      I am in the UK – getting a refund on a cosmetics is like extracting teeth :o/ Otherwise my make up collection would be 50% smaller!

  2. Samantha says

    Blend it with some pale shimmer perhaps. I think Stila has a great semi-sheer shimmer that I use to blend with matte eyeshadow.

    • Row says

      Hi Samantha

      Yeah I think a soft shimmer would bring this look together otherwise the matte is just a bit too serious!