YSL Rouge Pur Couture 24 Blond Ingenu and 26 Rose Libertin Swatches

I have already reviewed the YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks and eas please to see some new additions to the range!

They are:

N° 23 – Corail Poétique
N° 24 – Blond Ingénu
N° 25 – Taupe Raphaël
N° 26 – Rose Liberti
N° 27 – Fuchsia Innocent
N° 28 – Rose Bohème

I like YSL’s number system – it proves useful when working out which shades are newer (especially when you have 2 similar ones from previous collections). I have 2 of the new shades to swatch, Blond Ingenu and Rose Boheme:


You’ve seen the packaging before but here it is again!

Do you prefer the Rouge Volupte packaging or the Rouge Couture?

Here are the two shades – gorgeous! I love these sort of nudes:


These are different to Rouge Voluptes, a little less pigmented and less creamy – this is not a bad thing, it just depends what you like. I like Rouge Couture for day to day because Rouge Volupte can sometimes smudge.

To be honest Blond Ingenu is very light and very natural – it’s probably for someone lighter than me (it is called BLOND Ingenu!) but I love these shades. Rose Libertin is a pretty bold blue pink. On my skintone it isn’t as dark:


Lip swatch time! I like both of these shades although they look quite different in the tube than it does on my lips (which are naturally rosy).


Rose Libertin is different from what I expected – it’s more blue toned and light than expected. But I love it! It’s kind of retro-funky.


As always I don’t have a problem with these textures – it’s creamy and hydrating.

Would you try these new shades?

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  1. KittyBonkers says

    Most shades always look nice on your lips, jealous!! I do love that pink though, I would definitely try it!

    Kitty x

  2. Jen says

    Both shades look great, definitely the sort of shades I tend to veer towards :)
    I like the packaging of both the voluptes and the coutures, I guess the voluptes are slightly more “fancy” whilst these are a bit more sleek and elegant…I think these would be easier for me to store in my lippy holders though!