YSL Quint disappointment

So off I went on my lunch, accosting the YSL counter full of excitement.  Remember I was looking the for YSL Quints – the green, lilac and blue all looked amazing.

Swipe.  Swipe.  Swipe.

Ok they were ok.  The green is the softest and nicest in my opinion but the colours were oh-so-flat.  Some of the high end brands seem to do this; YSL, Chanel, Dior, have somewhat medium pigmented shades so the finished look is not too over done, is pared down and natural.  Well, if I want natural, I will control the amount of colour to apply.  But don’t cheat me out of my pigment!

It was so meh I had to walk away.  Ususally in a palette, one amazing jaw dropping shade is enough to make me by the whole thing.  I swatched all the palettes on the back of my hand and not one is a stand out.

Palette, you make me sad.

So off I wandered to the Chanel counter.  Ooohhhhh I think when I notice a LE duo similar to the previous black wet/dry liner but in brown and ooh ooh sparkly brown!

It’s super beautiful, a nice alternative to black.  You can’t really use it dry cos you’ll get bugger all colour off it no matter what they yet – this needs to be wet!

Then I wonder to the YSL.  There’s a rather pretty palette called Twlight – the scary Dior lady glares at me whilst I swatch with my horrible nails that have half chipped Nars Orgasm on them.  My nails are so hideous, I go yeah, yeah I’ll take it, I’ll take it so she doesn’t need to look at them (ok, that’s my excuse).

It is NOT as dark and moody as in this pic and it is not madly madly pigmented but it is buildable.  The silver and grey are perfect for smoky eyes and the blues, especially the lighter shade is one of those iridscent shades that change in the light.  The black in the centre has chunky silver glitter – perfect liner?  its a nice palette, can be edged towards the black, they grey or the blue.

This is also gorgeous – Sparkle Gloss (LE)

This is a super super super sparkly glittery top coat.  The glitters are of all kinds of colours – I LOVE it.  It will look especially good when the lights dim a little cos it brings the glitters out.  Out of stock though, have put my name down for this.

So I missed out on YSL quints but found 2 gems instead.  Swatches and real pics to follow :)

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  1. pikko says

    sorry for the disappointment on the ysl quints! the color worked for me .. maybe i’m just weird ….

  2. Row says

    Hey Pikko

    No its not you, lots of people loved this quint I just found it a bit meh – considering all the shadows I have I don’t think ti would get much love