YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Lips & Cheek Soft Matte Colour Review

YSL’s new Baby Doll Kiss & Blush for Lips & Cheek colours have been gracing my handbag make up bag (the one I carry everywhere with me) for the last few weeks. 

A soft matte finish dual use products for cheeks and lips, this clever product comes in 12 wearable shades (from neutrals to brights). 

YSL Kiss Blush Lips Cheek Soft Matte Colour

Spring if for Colour! I have 01 Fuchsia Desinvolte, a hot pink and 05 Rouge Effrontee, a clear bright orange red. They are both very bright colours, note there are far more neutral/natural shades in this range if you prefer that.  

The Kiss & Blush product comes in this cute container which resembles nail polish.  I quite like it, it’s not too cumbersome to carry around with me.  The formula is a ‘air-whipped’ somewhat thick mousse like texture which is highly pigmented.  I found the texture quite velvet-mousse like, like a dense thick chocolate torte like texture, great for the cheeks, but also good for the lips.  It doesn’t feel to heavy and is quite soft in a silicone-y way. 

YSL Kiss Blush Lips Cheek Soft Matte Colour 1

The applicator is this cool ‘hidden pearl’ one which provides you with the optimal amount of product for the cheeks and is a nice shape for the lips. 

I have always like this tear drop shape for the lips as it makes fitting into the contours easier, and the ‘pearl’ – I thought this spun around but it doesn’t, but if it helps with the quantity issue, then why not!  

YSL Kiss Blush Lips Cheek Soft Matte Colour 2

A closer look:

YSL Kiss Blush Lips Cheek Soft Matte Colour 3

The sponge is very soft and nice to apply – good quality and spongy. 

YSL Kiss Blush Lips Cheek Soft Matte Colour 4

Swatched – at first swatch it doesn’t look matte but it does dry to a matte finish. 

Both of these colours are bright, but also very pretty too – not garish. 

YSL Kiss Blush Lips Cheek Soft Matte Colour 5

To wear on the lips, the formula feels like the many popular lip mousses that are around at the moment. 

It is not drying, which I do tend to find mousses are, so this is a strength.  It can settle into fine lines though, so be aware you might want to use some balm underneath if you have dry lips. 

It stains the lip and lasts for ages – I ate 2 meals wearing this and there was some colour left. It faded quite well, I didn’t notice a horrible ring of colour left over.

On the cheek it feels like a rich dense cheek colour.  It is dotted in and LESS IS MORE. You MUST blend this fast as once it sets, it’s not moving, and it does dry quite quickly. So dot and blend right away and you will be fine. 

 01 Fuchsia Desinvolte on cheek and lip:YSL Kiss Blush Lips Cheek Soft Matte Colour 01

As a devotee of hot pink this is the one I have been using nearly every day, either on the lip or just on the apple of the cheek, combined with a beige rose liquid blush I have. 

 05 Rouge Effrontee:

YSL Kiss Blush Lips Cheek Soft Matte Colour 01 1

Sort of a red-coral, this colour is softer on the lips than expected but still pretty to wear.  A fresh, cheerful shade for summer, I really like it. 

These colours cost £27 each and you can buy them online – they will hit counters at the end of April 2014 if you want to go and have a play. Check out 09 Rose Epicurien and 10 Nude Insolent which are more on the natural side.  

Verdict: Love a dual use product, this one works equally well on the lips and cheek and is very long lasting.  Also a nice change from ‘multiple’ type sticks that can lack pigmentation. 

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