Your Hair & Nail Questions!

Hey up! I need to know if you have any questions concerning hair colouring (can be anything at all) and if you have any questions about Nails.

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For example – my questions for hair colouring are:

1. What is the correct way to get rid of black hair dye?

2. Are Semi-Pemanents truly semi? If not how can we gauge what damage we will do to out hair? (because my semi is 100% not budging)

My Nail Questions:

1. I get little bubbles on the surface of my polish a lot. How do I avoid this?

2. What 5 items are key to nail care (aside from polish)

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments – I have 2 pros who will be answering these questions for us!

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  1. says


    I have 2 questions…

    1). Does using anti-dandruff shampoos really fade the colour in dyed hair? Permanent dyed hair?

    2). I paint my nails A LOT… and now they’re yellow despite religious use of a base coat. How can I fix them?

  2. Heather says

    I have one main issue I’d like to know how to fix :)

    1. I’ve always had really soft, flexible nails. They actually start to curve downwards as they get longer. Well, for our wedding this past August, I got acrylic nails. Well, now I’m try to find a good nail polish that will strengthen them to make them avoid being torn and bent back so easily–cause that is my new problem. They grow even just a little now, and they are torn, almost at the center of my nail. Is there a polish or a nail cream I could put on them to make them harder? They grow quickly anyways, so that isn’t an issue.


  3. acelira says

    Ok, about hair, I have sleek dark reddish brown hair, I used to have a lot but I’ve lost some, apparently because Hypothyroidism. Last time I bleach my hair it didn’t went completely white and got really damaged. I’m thinking about dye it in a extreme color again, like blue maybe, but I don’t want to damage my hair now that it’s falling more than ever. Which is the best way to bleach weakened hair?

    About nails, mine are quite strong but some time ago I got this whitish line in one of my nails, the tip cracks on the part the line is , my mom has a nail just the same, I wander if this kind of defects are caused by and infection or maybe its just in my genetic? Also, the edge of one of my toenails has gone dark, flesh, nail and cuticle, not nice, but since its just a little patch, and it doesn’t hurt, I just paint the nail and ignore it. What should I do about it?

  4. says

    Ooh I have a nail question:
    When I use natural, French-manicure style shades, they often seem to go gloopy and ‘porridgey’ rather than smooth and sheer… but only on some nails. What am I doing wrong?

  5. mayrei says

    I have a hair dye question – I dye my hair at home, and it seems like unless I’m dying my hair black, I always end up with lighter roots. I have a lot of red in my hair naturally, so I usually end up with bright brassy hair on the top of my head, and then the intended brown everywhere else. What can I do differently to prevent this from happening?

  6. sue says

    My question is the same as mayrei. Everytime I dye my hair a new color, the top part of my head (about 2 inches of hair from my roots) doesn’t change! Anything below gets dyed but the top part not so much! It looks super weird cause I have light hair previously and after I dyed it dark, my roots are lighter than the bottom part of my hair. Grrr, what am I doing wrong and how do I fix it. I dye my hair pretty often.