You Tube, on Youuuuu Tubeeeeee

I am considering making You Tube videos, for realz.  If I do it though, I will have to do it properly but I am not sure how popular videos really are.  At the moment I convert some of my tutorials into videos but I don’t really feature myself.  What do you think guys? Should I take the plunge and do reviews and tutorials on You Tube?

Pros: Large Audience, Can insult more directly, with immediacy and searing wit.
Cons: The You Tube crowd are vicious when they want to be…some of the comments the girls get make me despair for humanity.  But I guess one must grow thick skin to be on You Tube.

So tell me – Shall I make You Tube Videos?:

Shall I make You Tube Videos?

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  1. Definitely do it! I’d love to see more of your searing wit in person… xxx

  2. Do it, Row! I’d love to see you in your vids (and your direct insults :-P), I’ve thought of doing videos too but I’ve got no guts! Look forward to them if you ever do add videos! :)

  3. There is a sweet thing on youtube called ‘comments pending approval’ :-)

    • Hi Shadow

      I know, but whats the fun in moderating everything plus, some people get 100s of comments and its too much trouble going through them all!

  4. ’tis the dark side.

  5. Do it! Go for it!

  6. I encourage you to subject yourself to the abuse of YouTube. I think you’re hilarious and your blog has been a favorite of mine for a while now. Since I’m also addicted to YT reviews/tutorials, it would be awesome to see you there. Besides… if you get popular on YT, companies will start sending you free stuff.

    • Hi Mayrei!

      Your comment really made me giggle!!!!! I tell ya, you need thick skin on YouTube and I am all for constructive criticism but when people are just idiots….I dunno. Maybe I will unleash my acid tongue on them 😉

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