Poll: Is drugstore / high street make up too expensive?

I was doing a bit of sympathy shopping the other day (sympathy for whom you ask? Why, for myself!) and decided to buy a few things from Boots as opposed to Harvey Nichols (everything they give me is always slightly faulty anyway), in a faux ‘look how frugal I’m being’ stance.

I purchased three items and I nearly faked a concussion (again) at the till when the girl told me my total was about £27.60 (the 60p was for a 2 pack of Cadbury’s chocolate caramel Bunnies by the way, yummmmmm).


Here’s what I bought:

1 x Bourjois Matte Mousse Foundation £11.99
2 x Rimmel Lipstick £7.99 and £6.99 each
1 x Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara £7.99*

(Rimmel was on 3 for 2, thankfully, otherwise I would have done the “Hey, look , there’s Colin Farrell” thing to the check out girl and done a runner).

Erm…I think those prices are steep. I had no idea most drugstore / highstreet make up brands were basically rounded up to £10 these days. Back when I was a tween, everything was £2 and you’d get a free chocolate bar.

So what do you think? Am I just being stingy? Have I spent so long buying £30 lipsticks that I am madly out of touch with high street prices?

Are drugstore / high street cosmetics too expensive?

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  1. says

    I do think high street make up has certainly shot up in price. Some people tend to look down their noses at it aswell, but I have no idea why… because in my eyes its not so cheap and when its good its good. But obviously there is some shite too and for quite big prices. You could pay near enough 20 quid for say 3 eyeshadows, just to find they are toatlly crap, last no longer than a few hours, pigmentation is rubbish, when you could have just gone and bought one single high end one and had a some decent value for money.


  2. says

    this is an American/Japanese perspective, but 10 pounds seems like a lot! I’m used to prices around 1200 yen right now, which is a bit more than my USD range of $7-$10. I don’t like paying more than 1500 yen for a drugstore product, so the 1800 lipsticks I see are a bit out of the question – might as well go for the nicer drugstore/dept. store brands.

  3. liloo says

    I definitely think high street makeup is too expensive, not all of them but brands like gosh cosmetics and bloom: i mean who do they think they are? Boots no.7 eye shadows (well the single eyeshadows) are just a disaster and even the 17 shadows range is better pigmented than them. I dont seem to be able to find a foundation less than £10, (or so it seems) and with the amount of profit revlon makes, they could so sell their foundation at £4.99. I only buy my fave foundation in the whole world (boots no.7 intelligent mousse thing – it’s not perfect and leaves my skin dry but i still looooooove it) with a special voucher., otherwise that would be £10 as well. What I find the most expensive are the eye pencils too. crikey, I do love my bourjois pencils but it really adds up to the bill! I’d love to find a brand who specialises in good old basics for shadows, like a plain matt black, a la carbon, and stuff like that. Too much shimmer everywhere, stop!

  4. says

    I know this is off the subject of this post, but I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog very much :) It’s a daily stop for me and I wanted to tell you that I appreciate all the fun, hardwork, and sarcasm [ 😉 ] you put into your blog :) I feel ask if I live through your adventurous and fantastic purchases :)

  5. says

    I didn’t vote because I live in the US and those are the prices I see in the drugstores but with the $ and not the £. Considering the drastic difference between our currency’s if you are paying more then $11.99 for a drugstore brand that is without a doubt over priced. I’m surprised Rimmel is marked so high as it is a UK brand. I don’t purchase drugstore cosmetics as I figure might as well pay twice more for a better quality product then waste funds on something mediocre or not worth the money (in most cases).

  6. tigerslovepepper says

    to me, basically, it depends on the brand. For example, in Italy, you can buy a Maybelline color sensational lipstick for something like €12 (about £13). C’mon, are you serious? Over priced. O_O
    Other brands, less advertised ones (but not necessarily all of them), are cheaper. Essence is a good example.

  7. Chica says

    I noticed this the other day too when about 7 things came to £80 and I nearly had heart failure! Plus..the two £12/13 mascaras I bought from No7 were both SHITE, and I threw them away – God I wish we could return crap products!