You need to learn a new language

You know, as humans become dumber and lazier it is inevitable that some languages will become endangered.*

Endangered languages include Hawaiian, Tulu, Breton, Leonese, Manchu, Cajun French, Proper English.

Actually Wikepedia says that and endangered language can be termed as such by looking at:

1. The number of speakers currently living.
2. The mean age of native and/or fluent speakers.
3. The percentage of the youngest generation acquiring fluency with the language in question.

So can Cantonese count as an endangered language? Maybe not right now but I am sure that it will become a smidgen compared to Mandarin being widely spoken in Hong Kong**

Anyway, I believe everyone should learn to speak Cantonese now because there is the most amazing, funny and clever set of language lesson videos on YouTube.

This is just one of them in the series, they are brilliant and very good courses too.

*Source: ‘A Sweeping Generalization’ by Me, GENERAL RANTS, 2008.

**Source: ‘I know everything’ by Gran, OLD PEOPLE AND THEIR PRESUMPTIONS, 2008.

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  1. Row says

    Hey Citrine!

    Well she is Norweigan! My cantonese is better but she probably has a better grasp of grammar and cantonese expressions I think!