You don’t need to steal, just ask!

A lovely Ebayer (who must have amazing memory) sent me a message today saying that she recognized one of my RMK pics on someone’s listing on the Bay. I went to check and sure enough, it had been nicely cropped so that the watermarking was gone! How cheeky I thought, whilst being aghast at the prices this person was charging for a basic RMK eyeshadow.

I personally hate sticking big ugly watermarks over the centre of an image and I don’t like ranting and raving about copyright -Tis the spirit of the net to be sharin’ stuff around and getting bitched about on Beauty Bashbecause people are too chicken to say it to your face…but a little teeny credit is always nice.

Anyway stealing is naughty, naughty and I am not condoning it.

If there are any of my photos you would like to use you can just ask me. And I might say yes instead of casting a witch spell over you for 100 bad hair days.

UPDATE: Seller has removed photo from one listing – let me know with a message of apology:


Geez, I’m sorry did I bother you?!

Ladies for your information, a solo RMK eyeshadow is around £12. If its a limited one its about £16. Lipsticks are £15. You should not be paying much more than that!

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  1. Row says

    Mandy – Totally. Never heard of swaptawk? I visited Beauty Bash once, no idea who or what they are talking about since I am not a hardcore muaer anyway but there was a little too much vitrol on it for me.