Yon-Ka Paris Tonic Dry Skin Lotion Review!

Even though it isn’t for everyone I do love a bit of toner.  It just balances out my skin and make everything feel fresher – I sometimes use an exfoliating toner (but not too often) and I also use a hydrating one in a mist or on a sheet mask (which is very common in Japan and is recommended by Chizu Saeki). 

I started using this Yon-Ka (a French brand, although I think it sounds Asian!) lotion for dry and sensitive skin a while ago.  The meaning of Yon-Ka:

Yon and Ka. “Yon” is the name of a fast-flowing river filled with purifying water – the basis of all life and also the energy particle, the ion. “Ka” refers to the principle of regeneration in Egyptian mythology, the eternal part of the human soul that dwells in every being. (Source: Wikepedia).

Yon ka paris dry skin invigorating mist

Part of me always thinks, how fancy can toner or lotion really be?  What makes one cost 6 times more than others?

They say:

A tonic alcohol-free mist with natural, invigorating aromas. helps tone, stimulate and equalize sebaceous secretions, imparts a soothing and refreshing sensation, delivers a tantalizing aromatic scent.

Use daily in the a.m. and p.m. after cleansing. Mist face and neck. Gently press into the skin. — Active ingredients: lavender, rosemary, thyme, geranium, and cypress. 

 The tonic for dry skin is called a lotion rather than a toner, although it comes in a spray type bottle, which for me makes me want to spritz it, then wipe off the excess. I don’t like leaving excess liquid on my face to settle in.

What I do love is the spray – it produces the finest, lightest mist – you know how some bottles just spurt out a ton of the stuff and it’s concentrated on the centre of your face? This one has an amazing clever misting nozzle!

Anyway here is the large bottle in a pretty pink:

Yon Ka Dry skin toner Lotion

Having used this for a while now, I have to say it’s an excellent toner/lotion.  I have been using it on my skin which has been so dry and sensitive in this weather (I’ve had the heating turned up) and this really soothes it and feels good as a lotion or as a toner and wiped off afterwards.

It has quite a strong herbal smell – the lavender is quite strong so this is a personal preference thing. I personally think it’s quite relaxing to use because of this. 

The other toner I finished was the Avene which is quite general use – I liked it but it didn’t do anything extraordinary. I find the Yon-Ka is better because it seems to bring down the redness in my skin (obviously it is three times the price though) but I like it for the cooling sensation – my skin really is playing up a lot at the moment so it helps. 

I didn’t notice any residue on my skin after, which some dry skin toners can leave on my skin.


Yon Ka Paris Invigorating Mist Lotion Dry Skin Toner Review 1

All in all this is an excellent lotion and one I will keep on using whilst it’s all cold and chilly outside and my skin needs the support! The bottle is quite big and cumbersome, so it might be a pain to travel with…that’s the only negative I can think of!

Yon-Ka Lotion PS for sensitive and dry skin costs £33 for 200ml and you can buy it here.

*PR Sample

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  1. says

    Wow, the ingredients of this product are great! A lot of body lotions contain ingredients that aren’t exactly healthy :/
    And I think the design of the package is lovely ^^
    Thanks for the review~

  2. Sara says

    Great review. To ease the pain of travelling, these lotions also come in travel-size! Sorted =D