Yogi Hair Wand Review; The Perfect Curl?

The amount of hair curlers and general hair styling tools I have is bordering on insanity, but I still can’t help it – I love playing with electrical hair tools.  

I am also not very good at using electrical hair tools, but this is a side point. Ahem.

My most desired hair is loose beachy style waves, and due to my lack of skill, this should be done very quickly. Enter the Yogi Hair Wand….Yogi Wand

Nearly every hair wand you see these days is clip-less, and the Yogi wand is no different.  A few selling points;

The Yogi wand is lightweight and easy to use – the barrel size changes from 25mm to 18mm depending on which part you use.  The barrel is made from tourmaline and ceramic and can be wiped to clean.  The cable swivels a full 360 degrees and there’s no cold tips (I didn’t know this) – cold tips can apparently reduce shine and hold as it decreases the amount of negative ions produced.  I won’t even pretend to understand what that means….

Ok so the wand. This comes in a number of designs from block solid colours to patterned (like mine which was snake print), so it’s quite a good one to get as a gift.  

The Pros:

– I have used a number of conical wands and the Yogi wand is a very solid well made unit.  It’s nice to hold and feels heavyweight without being heavy. 

– It heats up extremely fast, in around 10 minutes. 

– It curls nicely and the curl lasts well even after just 10 seconds of holding the hair against the heat. 

– The barrel is very smooth, maybe because of the teflon coating, so there’s no dragging at all or any chance of the hair knotting around it. 

– The glove that comes with it is EXCELLENT. So often you get crappy exfoliating gloves as heat gloves – Yogi Wand provide a proper glove which is nice to use. 

The Cons:

– To turn the unit on you just click the blue switch. I find this too easy though – I quite frequently leave my curler on the floor when I am doing my hair (I just do sometimes cos of lack of table space!) – so all it would take is a small knock or if my foot accidentally hit it, and it would turn on.  I find the other kinds of on switches on my other hair appliances (where you slide up) more secure as they can’t be accidentally switched on. 

Here’s me posing with the curler:

Yogi Wand

Check out the Medium Barrel Wands here £64.95 – they also have multi barrel wands and fat barrel wands too. 

*PR Sample

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