Yay or Nay? Megan Fox replaces Lara Stone as the face of Armani Cosmetics

So, Megan Fox will be replacing David Walliams’s missus, Lara Stone as the face of Armani Cosmetics and replacing Victoria Beckham as she fronts their underwear campaign.

Megan is set to star in Armani adverts starting in October.


I personally think that Megan Fox will sell make up by the bucket loads because she has one of those faces, like Kim Kardashian that wears glamourous make up well.

The only thing for me, is that she was a naturally beautiful girl but these days she’s look a bit…plastic. I’m not sure, if someone was trying to sell me Armani make up and saying it would make me look like Megan, I’d be thinking…but….make up can’t give me a super tight face, can it?

What do you think of Megan Fox as the face of Armani?

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  1. birkie says

    I do not know. Armani does like to target a public that is high on sensuality (in a not so subtle way) so their choice might be good. Although, Lara has that sensual aspect as well (which distinguishes her as a model).

    It might have to do with the fame factor of Megan, and perhaps her brunette hair that make the Italian buyers identify more with her. On the other hands, blondes often do a good job in those campaigns, but they are not easily to be identified with…iffy question, you might ask Armani himself.