Yay or Nay? Jessica Simpson Nude on the cover of Marie Claire

There have been a few of these types of covers in the past, but here comes another one – this time its Jessica Simpson on the cover of Marie Claire WITHOUT make up. Apparently.

I have nothing against Jessica Simpson, other than the fact that one morning, a long time ago, one of her songs woke me up (I use a radio alarm clock) and I thought I had died of asphyxiation during the night and entered the the 7th circle of hell and that was what Satan had in store for me. Jessica Simpson songs over and over again.

Jessica Simpson Marie claire.jpg

(Can you see the headline to the right, Is he tweeting about you? Please. Men don’t have the intelligence or time to be tweeting about you when he could be playing Modern Warfare II. Is SHE tweeting about you and your friends and your salary and your mother and your dress sense? is far more apt.)

So anyway, back on point.

Is Jessica wearing make up or not?

I say – from my utterly, totally, personal opinion – yes. She seems lightly flushed there, There’s some black eyeliner on her lower lid (it seems. Her brows are awfully defined for a blonde. She’s also quite matte (a lot of people get shiny during the day).

Whilst good lighting will help – trust me here – they will also show up the many flaws you have. Great clear lights + Great clear camera = Flaws magnified x 1000000000000000000

Here is what she really looks like with no make up on:


This is more realistic – circles and some redness around the eyes, redness around the nose, slight unevenness in the skin. This is exactly how I look without make up – red bits, blotchy bits, circles. Even with decent skin there are some flaws that are hard to avoid.

Also, for someone who is showing her face nude, she seems to be keeping a lot of it covered by hair and shadows:

Jessica Simpson Photos and Quotes - Interview and Pictures of Jessica Simpson - Marie Claire.jpg

I guess these days, one could have tattooed brows, tattooed lip and eyeliner, fake lashes – a number of permanent to semi permanent treatments which wouldn’t count as physically ‘adding’ more make up but nevertheless disguises a number of imperfections.

What do you think? Is she wearing make up or is she totally natural?

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  1. Catanya says

    From my point of view, she is obviously wearing makeup. I really think this attempt to make us thing that celebs arĂ© perfect can have a very negative effect on people’s attitude to life. After all, nobody is perfect and there is nothing wrong in concealing imperfections and wearing some makeup, And Recognising it!!

  2. tigerslovepepper says

    No makeup. Yeah, right…
    Obviously this is a conspiracy to make us lose our self-esteem. xD

  3. Elysia says

    I keep looking at her chest…is it me or does it look huge? That top is not flattering , makes her look very top heavy. Blah….

    I agree, I see eyeliner!

  4. liloo says

    pff, she’s so having some black stuff on the lower lashline
    she probably does not have makeup but this is photoshopped then or she has a magic camera like me who has the ‘photoshop inbuilt’ x

  5. Erin says

    Very made up, this is sickening even more so when it is done in the name of natural beauty. This is why this is a problem in our society. I have zero zero respect for this absolutley pathetic woman