Would you try it? Tesco launches health & beauty salons

Tesco is no longer just the place you go to when Morrisons is shut, oh no, they have launched a hair and beauty service which includes hairdressing, nail and threading!

They say:

Nail bars and threading are currently being trialled at stores in Wembley, Cambridge Bar Hill, Milton Keynes Kingston and Manchester (Walkden) and standalone beauty salons – which will also offer hairdressing services – will be opened in Leicester and Chesterfield on January 31st.

Appointments will not be necessary and brands that will be sold at the salon are pretty high end, Tigi Bedhead and Redken.


Prices are decent, £20 for cut & blow, £15 for shampoo and cut and £12.50 for a cut.

Oh my gawd, memories are flooding back – these girls I knew at high school would always get dry cuts or cuts without the blog dry and I didn’t understand why. Surely have a nice blow dry is part and parcel of a hair cut? They’d literally get kicked out into the street with wet hair. But I digress.

Half leg wax is £10 and full let wax is £15.

I think it’s a good idea, it’s certainly handy and affordable but would I do it? Probably not, I have hairdresser anxiety as it is.

You know what I’m going to ask you – would you try it?

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  1. says

    I’m not sure – I doubt it. I remember going into supercuts when I was a student and they cut my hair without washing it. And another experience when a hairdresser washed my hair, cut it, then left me sitting there wondering if it was going to be dried. It wasn’t, so yes, I was turfed out with wet hair and an empty wallet! I always assumed the washing and drying of hair was part and parcel too! I definitely have hairdresser anxiety – I hate staring in the mirror for all that time too…!!

    • Row says

      Hi Revecca

      OH YEAH! Supercuts I went there a lot as a teen. I remember they’d try and get you to use their stupid treatment but then charged you £5 for it or something!

  2. Jan says

    Not sure I would, where would you be stationed – in full view of the express checkout staring at a 1 way mirror. I went off to Superdrug to get my eyebrows threaded – great bargain at £5 but I think a tad too much was taken off. Thanks for this. Jan x

  3. says

    I doubt I’d try it, but they are definately onto a good thing. Think about all the people who have barely any time in the week to make time for anything that’s ‘non-essential’. But a quick haircut AT the supermarket when they’re doing their weekly shop anyway…I think these salons will be successful for them.

    Jan – whereabouts do you live? If there is an Asian (Pakistani/Indian) area near you, there will most likely be somewhere that does threading much cheaper. In my area I’ve seen signs offering it for £1!

    • Lorraine says

      I would worry about going into a random shop advertising threading for £1. I am not saying they are not good but I don’t know if I would risk it.

  4. Lorraine says

    I use the threading lady at Bar hill and she is good although you are on view but at £5 for eyebrows it is cheap and handy.

    The store does not have a hairdresser but I would give them a try, (obviously not just prior to a wedding) Tesco are not going to send someone from the meat counter over to cut the hair hahaha.