Would you shave your eyebrows? National / Panasonic Eyebrow Trimmer Review

People are brow obsessed these days, right? Plucking, threading, brushing, trimming, tweezing…wait, that’s the same as plucking. Oh and shaving. Do you do it? Do you have your brows?!

Back in the olden days, when I first realised I had big brows (teenage years of course) I found tweezing way to painful, so I shaved it with a super cheap BIC razor.  The result was horrible, red rashes everywhere – urgh. Then later I used Veet hair removing cream and once again my skin completely flared up.  It’s delicate up there!

These days I have no problem tweezing or waxing them (not too much as my skin is sensitive) and sometimes threading. I was reading a Japanese magazine and I noticed how meticulous the technique was – brush, tweeze, trim, shave!

So I bought this brow trimmer from National (model no. ES2185P-N):

National Panasonic eyebrow shaver 1

National is part of Panasonic so pretty much the same thing. In Asia, National is everywhere.  I am sure that Panasonic will have equivalent trimmers over here. You can use these on other areas like…you know, odd stray hairs on your toes and what not.

This set comes with a cleaning brush and an attachment. I guess this is what makes this good for brows. More on that in a moment.

Here is the trimmer. This takes 1 x AA battery.  It’s not too loud and it vibrates…I don’t know why it has to be electrical to be honest, the normal razors work just as well.

Anyway so I used this above the brow to clean up. I found it really hard to get close to the root and really hard to trim it on curvy areas.

National eyebrow trimmer

The trimming bit was quite honestly, rubbish.

Here is the attachment. With this you can run it through your brown in the OPPOSITE direction and it will trim of the excess length.  Obviously I didn’t try this on myself – are you insane – I tried it on Mr C. Mr C has serious brows, he is a brows man, and this trimmed them down but in quite a subtle manner.

Considering the fact he has thick brows, and I don’t I imagine the result will be even more subtle on me. Hmmm.

National Eyebrow shaver Razor

All is not lost. I noticed that with this trimmer, once I have shaved off the area above the brown I want to remove, I can then tweeze it out cleanly.

You know how it can be hard sometimes to see what you are working with above the brow? Sometimes you tweeze a long hair and whoopppps – you just gave yourself a gap. When you trim it first, those unwanted hairs are cut right down so you can tweeze it out and you don’t accidentally pull out a vital hair.

So for that reason, it’s been helpful but it’s no super trimmer, that’s for sure.

I bought this from eBay for about £12.

*How do you groom your brows?


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  1. says

    I’m too lazy to pluck most of the time, so I shave my brows – just under the brow though, not over. And I trim above the brow – I comb the hair up and trim what falls outside my brow.
    So I could probably use the attachment, but like you, I don’t see the need for an electric trimmer :)

  2. Lara says

    …I’m not going to lie, even the title of this post filled me with irrational terror.

    For some odd reason, I’m way over attached to my eyebrows- to the extent that I haven’t so much as let someone else come within arms length of them with a pair of tweezers in almost ten years, since that Horrible Incident With The Trained Professional who turned my beautiful thick brows into sperm.

    (It also occurs to me as I say this that, dang, I’ve been plucking my eyebrows for a long time!)

    It’s a total obsession. To the extent that in the way some people have terrible days if their hair just won’t behave, or there’s some dreadful makeup mistake, I too go into a bit of a meltdown if I don’t think my eyebrows look right. I’d more happily go out looking like a panda and an oompaloompa had a baby all over my face than have bad eyebrows. They’re like my children xD My tiny, hairy children… who live on my face.

    … There is a serious possibility that I need help!

  3. says

    Oo I like what you said about trimming first to avoid removing vital hairs! That would happen to me a lot but now I just wax my eyebrows. so it comes out smooth on the top.

  4. Jen says

    I ended up with wonky eyebrows at one point, after a brow wax (never been waxed again after that!) and it took me a while to prune them back into shape :) I now just basically trim them down with tiny scissors so that the brow hairs are a uniform length, and make sure there’s no random long hairs poking out from the general brow shape, then I just tidy up and pluck hairs from above and below, but have to make sure I don’t just concentrate on one brow, as I’m paranoid of ending up with wonky brows again lol I just use the cheapo Asian-style facial razors when I need it, I probably wouldn’t invest in an electronic one, because as you say, there is no need