Would you buy it? Muji make High Moisture and Sensitive Skin Skincare!

There’s a few shops that get me chucking things into the shopping basket, and Muji is one of them. I love the simple but well made Japanese designs – I always seem to buy their stationery, crockery and refillable beauty pots. Oh, and Mr C is a big fan of their merino wool jumpers.

Muji Skincare launched earlier this year, but I didn’t actually notice until earlier today when I was instore.

There are 2 main ranges, one for Sensitive Skin and one for High Moisture.


The sensitive range is:

• Alcohol-free
• Paraben free
• Unperfumed
• No artificial colouring
• Free from mineral oils

There is a liquid face soap, two toning waters, 2 moisture milks, an essence and a cream.

The high moisture range is:

An intensive moisture rich skincare range formulated for dry skin. Combines peach juice to promotes healthy, beautiful skin and peach leaf extract to firm and revitalise. We have added Hyaluronic acid for its sophisticated moisturising properties and Lipidure ® (Polyquaternium -51), which locks in moisture, protects and softens the skin.

Like the sensitive range, it has:

• No artificial colouring
• No added synthetic fragrances
• Free from mineral oils

The High Moisture range has one face soap, a pre lotion, an essence water, a moisture milk, a massage cream and a moisturiser.

I think I would be torn between the two ranges because I need both moisture and care for my sensitivity.

I also think the price range is a little steep for a new skincare range from a company that specialises in homeware and stationery.

For example, the High Moisture range charges £16.95 for the lotion, essence and moisturising milk. The cream is £14.95 and the soap is £12.95. Whilst it’s not bank breaking, it’s not cheap either and I’m not sure I’d spend nearly £50 on a new set of skincare without reading some solid reviews or samples first.

The High Moisture range is pricer than the Sensitive skin range (where the products are £10 or less).

What do you think? Would you give this range a go?

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  1. Shari Reilly says

    These skin care ranges have been around in Japan for a while; I used to buy Muji face products and makeup when I was living over there a couple of years ago. Muji also does hair care, incense, bath product, and has a food line, too. They’re one-stop shopping! :)

    • Row says

      Hi Shari

      Ahh I think its the first time the skincare has hit the UK! I loveeeeeeeeeeee Muji I would love Muji food!

  2. says

    Looking at the ratings on cosme.net, the skin care seems to be decent but nothing spectacular. Considering the prices they’re charging in the U.K., I’d probably pass.