Worth it or not worth it?

Words cannot express how much this Cosme Decorte AQ (Absolute Quality) Quad sets my heart alight:

A Touch of Blusher-1.jpg

I love that green, I love that peach, I love that black.

There is a problem here though – price – $89.99. In the current market, you looking at about £65 (bearing in mind Paypal gives itself a little bonus everytime you pay). £65 is a ridiculous amount of money for a palette! But its so pretty!

Worth it? Or Not Worth it?

p.s. should you feel need to buy this more me, boyf, you can do from www.ichibankao.com :)



Here it is on! Its HOT. Dupeable though. I would take this to my girl on Nars and see what she can do but I think Nars is lacking in true vivid greens…hmmm…

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  1. Wow. Such pretty colors, I love every single shade including the lipstick. GET IT!!

  2. Audiomandan says:


    I don’t think you should get it as there isn’t anymore room for you make-up!


  3. Hi Sue

    Its really beautiful isn’t it? So is the stunning lipstick!

  4. Hi Dan

    Maybe instead of buying processors, motherboards and cables you should make up for the fact that you got me nothing for our 4 year anniversary?

    Much Love Fatty!

  5. OMG…that is so gorgeous!! Love the colours and packaging. $90 huh…ouch! At least this seems much more worth it than the Dior Night Diamond powder I saw today that was going for $80 CAD + 13% tax! Insanity I tell yah.

  6. Hey Mable

    Oh yes, this palette completely works for me!!!! You know when some colours and things just make you go funny? This is the one but the exchange rate is SOOOOO pants at the moment I don’t know if I can justify it!

  7. Hmm..that is super pricey! :( Hmmm…I can’t say it’s dupe-able..maybe..wait for the price to go lower? But the worst is, if it goes out of stock, if you really think about it more than 5x a day..lol GET IT :)

  8. Hey Nikki!!!

    Does that mean we vote yes!! Hehe. It’s that green I am really captivated by and there isn’t a green I can think of that looks like that. But its super expensive :o/ I think £65 is soooo much for an eyeshadow palette. :( I have been addicted to super high end stuff lately, but its soooo pricey

  9. Well, you can always do the price-per-wear equation – if you would wear this eye makeup and lipstick every day, it’s totally worth it! But if it would just be for special occasions (which the green and black would probably end up as), it might not be worth it. Do you think you could find similar shades in a cheaper brand, or have you never seen anything like it? If it’s one of a kind, take the plunge, otherwise I’d hold off! But if you do buy it, post about it and show us how the colors look on!

  10. Hey Ashley

    Very true – cost per wear! Well I would happily wear green everyday but the same shade of green? Unlikely. I generally grab something new everyday, just for the sake of it and because I like to rotate things around so it wouldn’t be a daily item at all, if I’m honest.

    It’s that damn green – so vivid, so foresty rich! Stunning!

    The lipstick could be though – but I also have my eye on some Cle De Peau Extra Silky lipsticks…argghh choices! You realise I am only here to keep the economy going, naturally!

  11. Get it :)
    It’s nice and the colours are quite unique!
    It’s worth treating yourself.

  12. Ooo that’s true though, the purchase would keep the economy going… and that’s worth a lot! :)

  13. Hi Libby! But its so pricey!

  14. Hi Ashley

    That’s right. I’m not doing this for me. I’m doing this for the global economy!

  15. Audiomandan says:

    Yeah it’s too pricey!

  16. Shut up!!!! Dan.

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