Woah! Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl Contraption!

UPDATE18/03/2013: The Pro Perfect will be out in April and will be around (not 100% confirmed yet) £170! So this is very much an investment piece!

People on my Twitter timeline went nuts yesterday with cries of WOAHHHHH as the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl tool was revealed.  It is indeed rather imaginative and cool, certainly not like anything else I have seen before. Observe:

My question would be – does it really work? Does it hurt (can the hair wind round and knot for example)? And is it heavy? It looks like it could be – I have a wonderful hair waving tool which is great but too heavy to use regularly so, time will tell. 

Does it remind you of this at all? The Flowbee also sucks up the hair and is you know, effortless…

Check out that bowl cut!

As you know I am all for anything that is easy to use but makes you look like you’re the kind of person that spends all day making yourself up to go to Tesco so, BRING IT ON! Can’t wait to try it out! 

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  1. annie says

    I was able to try the Perfect curl salon October, Fantastic and a serious piece of kit! No it didn’t hurt and it has an autostop so the hair won’t tangle. I can’t wait to buy one it really does seem to make it as easy to curl as it is to straighten with GHD’s. Thumbs up to some quick and easy curling. Curls rock !!!

  2. tinabocs says

    wahhh! that is one funky looking contraption but Eye-want!! hope it arrives soon on philippine shores 😀

  3. annie says

    See capitalhairandbeauty.co.uk for price £120 i think. You can register with them to find out more, I have.

  4. says

    I agree it does look heavy and a bit of a hair tangler….ouch! If it works like it does on the video then I’m on for a go. I dice with death and burned ears using the Babyliss wand – it get super hot but I could really do with taking my head off, doing my hair, then putting it back on again 😉

    The Babyliss Pro looks far easier!

    Nicola xx

  5. Jo Lynes says

    OMG! I absolutely do have the worst hair you could ever think of – ultra fine, ultra thin, virtually none of it either. I’ve tried everything else and the curls don’t last. I was so impressed with this. Just a usual wash and blowdry and trim at the hairdressers and they asked if they could try it out on me. Wow! Am still sporting fabulous curls and my hair looks so much thicker. This really is an ESSENTIAL piece of kit for any girl – worth it’s weight in gold – Am now looking around to find the best price!!!!