Winter Skincare: Kiehls Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque

I am on the path to sorting out my skin, I am, and one product I have been road testing is this overnight mask (or masque!) from Kiehls (a current skincare crush of mine). 

Sleeping Packs are not a new thing, although it may sound like a weird concept – there are many of them amongst Asian beauty brands (my description of what they are here).   There are fewer sleeping mask products on the Western market, so this one from Kiehls is quite unique in that sense.

Kiehls Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque

As part of the Ultra Facial range, it has that plain white packaging with black lettering – I really like it because it has that simple medicinal kind of look – almost like look at me, I am so efficient, I don’t need to be flash! 

Product low down:

  • Formulated with drought-resistant Fountain Plant, this new addition to Kiehl’s iconic Ultra Facial range replenishes skin’s water reserves for long-lasting hydration and healthy looking skin.
  • While you sleep, the intensive moisturizing treatment helps boost skin’s ability to retain water, resulting in long-lasting hydration and healthier, youthful looking skin.

My skin has been even more dry than normal recently – the harsh weather and constant central heating means that most products seem to sink in then disappear on my skin.  
This hydrating masque is a thick gel like texture.  When applied to the skin it is clear and sinks in fine leaving my skin a tad shiny – well, who said this was a night time beauty contest?!

Kiehls Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque 1

Once applied this mask does leave quite a sticky feeling on the skin which takes some getting used to – I must say that in comparison I don’t find Asian sleeping packs that I have tried as sticky as this.  Once it has truly sunk in, it’s not too bad but you may want to sleep on an old pillowcase, NOTHING SILK OR SATIN, or just lay a clean towel over your pillow first.  It’s not THAT bad but if you were to press your clean palm on your cheek, you would hear that slight shhhh sound as you pull it away if that makes sense?!? Like pulling away from something slightly tacky. 

Of the several times I have used this (it only recommends once or twice a week usage) I do think it’s made a difference to my skin. The next day my skin feels quite soft, and hydrated – it seems to seal in moisture so I would definitely use a cream or maybe serum underneath it.  

My skin always feels dry in the morning and after using this, it doesn’t. I had a big flaky patch on my cheek and two uses of this product and it had gone – so it is quite effective for a boost. 

Use sparingly – this amount is enough for the whole face!

Kiehls Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque 2

I haven’t used any Asian sleeping packs for a while (they tend to be fragranced which I don’t like) so this Kiehls will be remaining as part of my core skincare items for quite a while as I try to fix my skin.  It will last quite a while too as the gel seems to go a long way. 

Recommended for dry skin types especially in this weather, as long as you don’t mind that tacky feeling on your skin for the night! 

Buy it here for £28 (125ml). 

*PR Sample

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