Winner Announcement I forgot!

Reader Blu, rightly reminded me I had forgot to announce one of the winners! this was for the 27th Dec, Jonathan Saunders Set from no. 17.

This was the joke competition. I read them all to the other half and he said you are all lame at telling jokes, although he was quite fond on Mable’s joke:

10 Day Giveaway, Saturday 27th December |

I personally quite liked Libby’s to the point joke:

10 Day Giveaway, Saturday 27th December |

However, I was inspired by this picture of a special baby:

ginger.jpg (JPEG Image, 1806x2709 pixels) - Scaled (21%).jpg

And the winner is:

10 Day Giveaway, Saturday 27th December |

Well done Phyl! Thanks to everyone for entering.

Just send me –

Name: Prize won: Full Postal Address:

Email –

Woot Woot!

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  1. Mable says

    Glad he liked it!

    The first joke that actually came to mind was Libby’s joke but since it had already been told I thought of this one. I heard the joke Libby told during a medical school interview and couldn’t stop laughing! They must’ve thought I was nuts! Haha.

    • Row says

      Hey Mable

      I like simple, silly jokes too!!! But then again I laugh a small children. so I probably need therapy.