Win 1 of 5 FAB First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy Lip Balms & Nip & Fab BB Cream Winners!

It’s Wednesday, Wednesday, gotta get down on Wednesday…

Actually I am so tired, so exhausted, that I won’t be getting down to anything.  Hence the blog has been somewhat quieter than normal not to mention the other blogs I am working on.  I am surviving – just – on minimal sleep as I try to get things done.  Bear with me!

Anyway you know how much I love lip balms? I can never have enough of them no matter what price, no matter what type. Today I have 5 of the newly launched First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy Lip Balms to give away!FAB Ultra Repair Lip THerapy

Perfect for all skin types (including sensitive types), allergy-tested and fragrance free, this lip therapy will work hard to improve the appearance of your lips and to repair dry, chapped lips.

Want to win and find out who the Nip & Fab BB Cream Winners are?

To win a FAB Lip Balm answer this in the comments:

Name 5 things you are doing this weekend? (yeah I’m out of inspiration!).

Me:We have a free weekend, the first in a while, so there will be…

1. A lie in

2. A visit to the supermarket as I get some ingredients for Cooking Nana

3. I’ll plan a new video for You Tube as we have 969 subscribers even though I haven’t made a new vid for a year!

4. Mr C says a date night; cinema and thai food – always thai food.

5. Need to sew handles on to the new cat bed – they won’t use it even though it’s super comfy so I’ve decided to disguise it as a shopping bag.

Winners chosen in 10 days.

You can follow FAB’s Facebook page here and their twitter is @FABeautyUK

Nip & Fab Winners!

The Nip & Fab winners from this giveaway are here – I usually just email the winners but it takes forever for people to reply and since I am so busy, it would be swell if you see your name here, if you can drop me an email using the contact form or my email with your name and postal address.

1. Jamilla Camel

2. Powdered Almond

3. Liloo/Tsunimee

3. Nathalie

5. Jayne Hyman


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  1. Julie Brett says

    Picking up my wedding rings
    Car shopping with my Mum
    Meeting up for lunch with a friend who has just gone through a break up
    Catching up on Sky Movies on Sky+
    Washing the car

  2. says

    gah, timely question!
    1. packing for my move
    2. moving to my new place
    3. cleaning
    4. studying Haskell
    5. hopefully getting a massage and not getting killed by my roommate

  3. says

    1. Going for a dinner over at my relatives.
    2. Guests from India coming over home for dinner.
    3. Baking some oreo cakes and choco cookies. *going through a baking phase atm*
    4. Finish my 3 page *1500 words* written assignment !!
    5. Blogging

  4. Nesita says

    Yay! I love trying new lip balms for my dry lips, specially as winter ins nearing.

    1. Sleep in.
    2. Take my kitty to the vet.
    3. Go to the movies as every Sunday.
    4. Help my friend organize her 25th birthday party.
    5. Bake some vanilla cupcakes.

  5. Li says

    Barn dancing.
    Learning to drive.
    Planning my move w/ Mr Li @ the end of the month (any advice for sharing with man-candy?)
    Buying an Air Hockey table.
    Giving Billy The Cat a good squeeze.

  6. jade says

    1) Classes (on the weekend sadly)
    2) Homework for said classes
    3) Go bowling with a couple of friends
    4) Gym
    5) Some good sleep

  7. Louise Woodman says

    This weekend I am:-

    1) Going to Skegness to show my 7mth old baby the beach for the first time on Friday (if the nice weather lasts!)

    2) practicing with my new Sleek Palettes and Crown Brushes that came today!! :-)

    3) Hairdressers on Saturday for hughlights and cut!

    4) Chinese and wine on Saturday night :-)

    5) Big dog walk in the peaks on Sunday and pub lunch!! :-)

  8. says

    1. Friday night food and drinks with some old work buddies
    2. SLEEPING then having Nutella for breakfast
    3. Visiting my parents who are just back from Italy…hoping they picked me up something in duty-free!
    4. Showing my face at a post-wedding party that I can’t be bothered with…
    5. Buying something frivolous as a prize for enduring the post-wedding party

  9. Lola says

    ok so my 5 things to do this weekend are:

    1 – Catch up on my shows while i let the hubby sleep in!
    2 – Go car hunting.
    3 – Try to get through 127 hours.
    4 – Dye my hair at home….these white hairs have to go!
    5 – Go visit my parents and get some good dinner!


  10. says

    1. Washing the dog.
    2. Making cream puffs.
    3. Starting a new book.
    4. Grocery shopping.
    5. Catching up on the tv shows I’ve recorded this week but haven’t had time to watch.

  11. says

    1. watch the UH-LaTech football game
    2. take the hubby to the airport
    3. take the kids swimming @ the YMCA
    4. have dinner with my in-laws
    5. trying to keep the kids entertained

  12. Jen says

    1. Much appreciated lie-in
    2. Brekky whilst catching up on Made in Chelsea (my tv guilty pleasure lol)
    3. Gym
    4. Nap
    5. Watch X Factor, even though it’s the most fixed program ever! Plus Goldie Cheung has left!!
    Gotta love weekends!

  13. lulu says

    1- Homework
    2- Probably take a few breaks and get boba with the boyfrand
    3- More homework
    4- Take a break and watch ANTM while doing my nails
    5- Sleep

    …my life is pretty uninteresting now that school started haha

  14. harpreet says

    1. Getting my roots done
    2. going out with my best friends
    3. going to nandos
    4. lie in on sunday
    5. see the bf

  15. BooBooNinja says

    1) hanging out with my Dad
    2) writing Paper #1
    3) writing Paper #2
    4) completing assignment
    5) research


  16. says

    1. Sleeping in, hopefully!
    2. Going to Zumba – I love me some Zumba 😀
    3. Doing laundry at my in-laws since our washer is being fixed. blah.
    4. Reading The Game of Thrones book series. Wee!
    5. Placing a Scentsy order to get some good stuff :)

    I love taking care of my lips so I must say this is one of my favorite prizes :)

  17. Espenine says

    1. Shop for new vacuum cleaner
    2. Dust & mop the floor
    3. Attend potluck party at friend’s house
    4. Unpack luggage from last week’s vacation
    5. Sort out holiday pics from the camera

    Looks like a busy weekend ahead!

  18. says

    1) Seeing a friend at the pub for a belated birthday celebration
    2) Shopping for birthday presents/make-up
    3) Setting up a facebook page for me as a make-up artist
    4) Cleaning make-up brushes
    5) Assisting at a local wedding fair bridal fashion show!

  19. Vicky says

    1. I’m definitely going horseback riding
    2. My city is organizing a Food Truck Festival, i’m gonna go and check it out!
    3. Going to the Chinese restaurant with some friends
    4. Sleeping In!
    5. taking pictures of my kitties :)

    I have this fetish for lip balms and I have a lotion from FAB that is FABulous so i’m really interested in that one!

  20. Christine says

    This weekend I will be:
    * Getting up at 7am Sunday morning to watch the NRL grand final from australia
    * having lunch with a friend
    * going to running club
    * Some hula hooping in my living room (love indoor exercise when it’s raining!)
    * Painting my nails

  21. Pamela says

    Ooh lovely, i’m a fellow lip balm junkie!
    1) sleeping
    2) shopping
    3) walking somewhere in the peaks
    4) doing a magnetic polish manicure
    5) melting in this heat!

  22. says

    Thank you for this giveaway! I would love to try out this lip balm! :)

    1. I’m going to bling out my cellphone. x)

    2. Finish the book I’m reading.

    3. Blog.

    4. Attend mass on Sunday.

    5. Go shopping! :)

  23. says

    The remainder of the weekend won’t be too exciting for me, I’m afraid:

    1. Write a security policy as an assignment.
    2. Finish reading The Art of Deception by Kevin Mitnick.
    3. Clean my new fridge.
    4. Use my sachet of The Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask.
    5, Catch up on this week’s Cosmetic Candy posts :)