Wild About Beauty Line & Define Liner Pen and Kajal Pencil Duo Review

Wild About Beauty, the cosmetic and skincare range by Louise Rednapp and Kim Jacob, is fast becoming a make up range I get excited about when they bring forth new collections; and trust me, I don’t get excited that often by new make up. Honest.

Although I have mentioned it before on this blog I’ll say it again; Wild About Beauty is a high end range with quality ingredients and various beneficial ingredients and is also paraben free.  I find the range quite elegant without being boring too. I have two of their eyeliners here for review;

Wild About Beauty Line Define Liner Pen and Kajal Pencil Duo 1
I have probably said it before – I am an eyeliner addict. I am never to far from my black pencil liner and liquid liner – without them I never feel like my face is truly ‘done’.  I am really fussy about what I use because colours run so easily on my eyes because of their shape and also because how watery my eyes are…

The slightest bit of sun or wind makes them water like crazy, not to mention when I am tired!

Wild About Beauty’s eyeliners are very decent offerings indeed.

Wild About Beauty Line Define Liner Pen and Kajal Pencil Duo 2

The Line & Define Liquid Eyeliner Pen in 01 Max is an extremely pigmented rich black glossy ink liner.  There is no problem whatsoever with ink flow – no dragging or stopping and starting necessary.  It creates quite a thick black line (I am used to Asian liners that come with 0.1mm width brushes!) to do a 50s style look.  Women women bigger lids will particularly enjoy using this – on my small crease, it was quite hard to get a fine line which meant it wasn’t as good for a finer look.  

However for days when I want a heavier or retro look, it does the job.  

Once dry it also lasts very well indeed. 

Another issue I had with the liquid liner is down to an issue of preference – I personally really like pen type liquid liners, which have either a brush nib (like a calligraphy pen almost) or a sponge nib (like Lancome Art Liner) and have some ‘give’.  Liquid Liners that don’t have any give and are more like felt tip pens (in the traditional sense) I find harder to manipulate over the curve of my eye…not impossible, just harder. Once again, if you have more area to work with, this probably won’t be an issue for you. 

The Dual Ended Kajal Pencil Duo in 01 Maeve has a chubby end and a thin end – both very deep pigmented black pencil.

Wild About Beauty Line Define Liner Pen and Kajal Pencil Duo 3

What I liked about it is that the pencil side is creamy but not overly so – yet it worked on my waterline with no issues. The chubby side is rich and almost oily like MAC’s greasepaint pencils that came out a few years ago. It gives a sexy wet look effect.  They could’ve stuck the same product on both ends, just made one thicker, but they actually changed the texture too, which I like! 

The oiler side will smudge if you are not careful – I rubbed my eyes and it was like OH PANDA! but you know, it is one of those products to be a bit careful with and better for nights out.  I used it as a base for my eye colour to make it stand out (as the slightly oily texture has a stick to it) and it looked great! 

Liquid Liner on here and I used the crayon as a base: 

Wild About Beauty Line Define Liner Pen and Kajal Pencil Duo 4

Did I find more HG pencils here?

I don’t think so, because I do like eyeliners that can survive through a hurricane and these two are long lasting but they ain’t everything – proof.  For a regular person who wants a sexy smoky true black, these Wild About Beauty liners will be winners especially if you don’t need a super thin liner for a super small crease like me.  I like them, and will use them from time to time. 

Wild About Beauty Line Define Liner Pen and Kajal Pencil Duo 5

The Liquid Liner is here and Kajal Pencil Duo in 01 Maeve is here (both £14.50)

*PR Samples

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