Why won’t you finish?!

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What do you do if you aren’t keen on a product? You can

1. Return it if you live in the US? Not in the UK though – you don’t get refunds on a cosmetic items AT ALL (unless you break out in a hideous rash but I bet you would still have a fight on your hands).

2. Throw it away. Bit wasteful though…

3. Put it into storage….along with 1,293 items…

4. Give it away. Much more sensible. Depends what you are giving away though. Mascara or lip products in a pot aren’t madly hygienic

Ever just want to finish an item of make up? I am currently trying to finish my Nars Firming Foundation – we don’t get on too well, but I want to finish it off rather than relegating it to the pile of unused foundations, plus I have used too much of it now to give it away. So I use it religiously every day so I can move on to something else.

I wish we could return things in the UK you can in the US (although I am sure there are still some restrictions). I’d have a 50% smaller collection, for sure!

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  1. sue says

    I usually put them in the storage :(
    Then usually after 1-2 years, I’ll spring clean and throw some away

  2. says

    I try to finish it. Yes, I do live in the US, but I’m always too lazy to go back to return it. Right now I’m trying to finish this yucky smelling conditioner by L’Oreal since I lost the receipt.

  3. Citrine says

    I don’t usually return products unless the presence of it gets on my nerve…Every 5 months or so, I put the product I used once or twice in a tray and ask my friends to take whatever they like…if they don’t, trash can…

    And I swap sometime, I swap out 99% new high end shadow for several brand new budget lip balms (Can’t stand used lip product and don’t need more eye shadow) or brushes /unrelated junk…

  4. Mable says

    I try my best to finish it. I would be forever wondering why the hell so much is still left. I couldn’t do it for my Chanel double perfection fluid. That smelled SO bad. Like rotting eggs. Really. The bf at the time always told me that it looked good but smelled horrible. Heh. I had to chuck it eventually, even though there was still half left.

  5. Row says

    Hi Sue

    I have a LOT in storage and unless I remember to clean it out..which I dont it just gets thrown away eventually!

  6. Row says

    Hi Gloria

    I guess at least with hair stuff it can be used up quickly? the worst is getting a horrible foundation or something…

  7. Row says

    Hi Citrine!

    That’s true – I am still a bit weird with swapping – I’d rather give it away. Powder products is not so bad but swapping lip stuff, mascaras, cream products is a bit yukky for me. I’m also quite anal :/

  8. Row says

    Hi Mable

    Huh, if my chanel foundation stunk I’d be inclined to take it back! thats awful! I had a chanel innocence foundation which made me itch but I knew they wouldnt change it for me so I’d pile it on every single day untill it was finished!!! So I wore about 50 layers of foundation for months!