Why me?!?!?!?

Or perhaps the question is why NOT me?

Anyway there are a few things that make my blood run cold. These include:

The face of Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud sans Make Up

Liver dishes. Who the hell eats liver? When I was at school this was a regular dish, and back then dinnerladies could force you to eat all your dinner, so I used to chew it then spit it out into some tissue, hold it in my hand and throw it down the toilet.

Hair so black its blue. No, no, no. Dying over your frizzy blonde mess will black will not turn you into Lucy Lui, been there done that. It will make you look like a stripper and accentuate every single wrinkle you have too.

Then there’s this:

Customs Charging. (yeah, this is what I was actually trying to get at…) A very special package held up by the evil, evil customs team in the UK.

I have no issue with paying tax. 17.5% right, Gordon Brown? Fine. But Parcelforce are possible one of the most evil courier in the UK
then they whack on a handling fee, an administrative fee which will basically double the figure. On this little package, I am dreading the charge they will add – if they’re thick, they may mistake the the $ TW dollar sign for a US $ – then I am in trouble. If they get it right, I still might be looking at quite a fat charge around £40?!

Boo hoo!!!

* I asked the other half of some ideas on things that make your blood run cold, but were also amusing. His response was “Dropping your keys down the drain”. That’s not funny, you idiot, I say. Girls, I’m not with him for his creative ingenuity.

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  1. Zereen says

    Rowena!!!!! That’s hilarious! Especially that pic of Nicole from Girls Aloud!! Actually she doesn’t look an awful lot better with all her makeup on!! MIAOW!! She looks like I do in the morning!!

  2. says

    The sight of Nicola Roberts unwashed face caused me to lose my liver-and-onions.

    Call me crazy, but I really love organ meat; liver’s alright, though I much prefer heart and lungs.

    I can’t believe the crazy taxes you’re forced to pay in the UK. I can understand jacking up the prices in the UK in order to establish purchase power parity, but this pointless VAT and import tariff nonsense has to be stopped! Where will it end?

  3. Row says

    Hey Zereen

    I am sure we all look rough in the morning!!! I just wouldn’t open the door if I were her though…

  4. Row says

    Hi Pandy

    Liver=bad. Kidney=tolerable. Being Chinese my lot will eat nearly anything and I’m afraid my westernized palette can no longer tolerate anything stranger than “chops”.

    Yeah they rip us off big time in the UK, always, in every way possible >< picking it up later, if its more than £40 they can stuff it up their a**!