Why God, Why? LUSH Toothy Tabs Sparkle Review

I have this phobia about dentists, and I most definitely need a filling or two right now but I admit, I am too chicken to go and see one.  I am under some illusion that I might find a miracle tooth product that will fix my teeth…I know that can’t actually happen but you know, we live in hope.

Hope is what I had when I saw these Toothy Tabs over Christmas in Lush. I am all for wacky products and for a mere £2.50 I bought ‘Sparkle’ to try.

LUSH Sparkle Toothy Tabs

I already have a ‘tooth powder’ which is a loose type I bought in Asia which adds a fine polish to the teeth (but is no substitute for toothpaste).

Toothy tabs look like tablets.  Pop one in your mouth, crunch it then brush with a wet toothbrush.  It will foam slightly, and rinse.  That’s it.

There are a few different flavours, I just figured with a name like Sparkle, it would work perfectly for my teeth.

Sparkle contains Black Pepper Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Pepper Powder, Salt, Lemon Peel and more. Sounds…ok right? Sounds like a garnish for a salad, right?

So I try this…

Sparkle Lush Toothy Tabs

And it is SO gross.  Trust me, I have eaten loads of gross things in my time. The worst stuff, the stuff you just cannot keep in your mouth include: Liver (for me, I can’t bear it), a mouldy peach (you can actually feel it fuzzing over your tongue) and now, this.

It’s bad enough having certain aromatherapy type oils in your mouth, stuff like Lavender and things barely work in food never mind in a product made for cleaning the teeth.  This doesn’t just have the lemon essential oil, it throws in pepper and I LOVE pepper, I love it but this was heavy choking pepper, and if you swallow a little bit by accident, then double yuk.

I spat it out and rinse rinse rinsed my mouth out.  It has a horrible after taste, why on earth would you ever brush your mouth with lemon and pepper then leave it like that? Won’t you just feel like you had a salad at Pizza Express?

If you are going to try this, for gods sake, reach for the mint flavour.



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  1. says

    nope I dont recommend the mint flavor either! My friend got them and as a joke had us all try. I thought my mouth was going to fall off. My mouth has never felt so violated!

  2. says

    I had the same problem! I bought a pack of the original Toothy Tabs when they first came out last summer as I was going off to climb Kilimanjaro & I figured they’d take up no room in my bag & one less thing to worry about spilling everywhere. I tried one before I left & eurgh! They were disgusting! I ended up buying a little travel toothpaste as there was no way I was going to try & brush my teeth with them half way up a bloody mountain!

    Steph xx

  3. Jen says

    eughhhhh…why would they make a product to clean your teeth that you wouldn’t even wanna keep in your mouth?! I wonder if anyone actually likes this product lol

  4. says

    If you want to ward off the dentist for a while longer try the Sensodyne repair and protect – it works quite well. I thought I needed a few fillings but as I am a massive chicken thought I would try this instead. I got an absess on a broken tooth later but I didn’t need any fillings. Not exactly scientific data but if you are like me and would rather spend £5 on toothpaste than go to the dentist its worth a try 😀
    Stacie x

  5. says

    If you’re interested in brightening up your teeth without a VERY expensive trip to the denist, I suggest you try our Vani-T Tooth Whitening Gloss: you just ‘paint’ it on a few time over a few hours and that’s it! We’ve had some great feedback on it – and best of all, it’s painfree! (And you don’t have to feel an idiot by sitting around with a ‘gumguard’ on!) Hope this helps. x