Why Dreamhost hosting sucks: A brief review

The site has been down pretty much all day today, (4th August 2011) and after around 10 hours of being down, it is back up.

It’s been a busy day so I haven’t had the chance to throw any sausages at the screen, nevertheless, it’s been very frustrating to have people contact me saying they couldn’t get on to the site.  Also I was exceptionally productive with writing posts last night, for the first time this year and had 6 posts ready.  So I am so glad, so exceptionally glad that they had to choose today for some random ‘system file check’.

Cat in glass jar 1

I moved from Hostgator, who I felt were exceptionally sluggish and were costing a lot of money (but their Customer Service is pretty good) to Dreamhost.  The move was somewhat problematic, but once we were on it was fine.  The customer service is quite frustrating, because their answers seem to vary from ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘I don’t know’.

Today they had some kind of ‘system file check’ which means a number of servers were down – apparently this is just something that happens sometimes and they can’t give you any warning as to when it’ll happen and they won’t give you a timeframe as to when it ends.  If you ask me, something went Pete Tong because how can it be routinely acceptable for people’s sites to be down for 10 hours solid in the name of a file check?  Websites are 24 hour enterprises!

Customer services were extremely frustrating and unable to give a proper answer.  At least with Hostgator, they’d try and get you back up quickly (I can’t remember another time when we have been down for half a day before) and they took some accountability (the CEO himself sent me emails when I complained about their service online).

Anyway.  Dreamhost SUCK.  The customer service is poor, WTF is a file check?!?!? and boo to 10 hours down time with no warning.

On to the next one!

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  1. says

    So sorry to hear this Row. Realized you’ve been really fighting with hostings lately. Might have to seriously consider a move although I’m not sure what options there are. I’m hosted by someone I know locally and service has been good. Perhaps try the one Lipglossiping is on?

  2. A cube says

    You’re kind of dumb… Filesystem check is normal linux maintenance. So your dumb blog was down for a bit. You can always contact their amazing support and request a credit and they will give you a bunch of money and say sorry. Also it means just one server is down. One, out of the thousands they have.

    • Row says

      A cube….oh dear, don’t Dreamhost have a better way of communicating with customers? Your comment is hilarious because you know nothing!.

      1. Filesystem check is normal, being down for over 10 hours is not. No other host I have been with has been down for 10 hours because of a filesystem check.

      2. We were in touch several times with the ‘amazing’ support and absolutely not ONCE did anyone offer reimbursement or even offer a estimated time of repair.

      3. One server was down – well over 55 VPS clients were affected. FIFTY FIVE people who pay for a premium service were affected – not good enough.

      4. Sent an email the following day in regards to the slow speeds, and the person (Brandon) admitted that they had a huge error which caused this whole hot mess. Not remotely normal, a BIG FAT ERROR.

      Finally, please scoot off my ‘dumb blog’, I am sure a cube has better things to do….

      • Row says

        Can we also note that the IP address that A Cube has, seems to indicate he/she is from the same town as Dreamhost. Dear oh dear.

        At least when I wrote about Hostgator, their CEO had the balls to come and answer the issues we had with them personally, rather than sending minions to leave snarky little posts on blogs. Losers!

        With Liquid Web now and they are far superior.