Why Bob, its the blog recap for 2009! January!

When I think back to January this year (2009) I had no idea how much things had progressed and changed.

As always, I have a silly amount of content so I have decided to break down some of the best/favourite posts over this year and put them in recap form for you over the next day or two.

Have a look, have a laugh!


In January 2009…

Illamasqua had only just entered our consciousness….can you believe it? It feels like they have been around for-EVA!

There was lots of doom and gloom in January 2008 – the word recession…and I asked about The Lipstick Effect

I got my hands on the mega cute Yu-Be/Yu-Skin and Miffy range

I also dissed fake tan….some of you agreed, some of you disagreed…

I started the Guardian Weight loss plan?! That was, naturally, a fail…AND I never got my free skipping rope.

I also stuck up for Aretha’s hat – liked it back then, I still like it now!

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