Which Nail Polish for what? Help me pick a Mavala Polish to wear!

Help ladies! I need to take a dinky polish away with me for three occasions:

1. An autumn wedding – it’s a bright one!

2. A job interview

3. A chilled out weekend with the mother in law.

Here are some of my favourite dinky bottled Mavala nail polishes…which which polish for which occasion?

Magic – a sheer light peach:


Dakar – gorgeous shimmer rose:


Nice – Hot orange red:


Mystic – Candy Lilac:


Ankara – deep red/rose:


What do you guys think?

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  1. says

    Magic or Dakar, since you can always spice up your wedding outfit with accessories, but if you head into your interview with Nice I think you would have your interviewer staring at your nails and not your resume LOL

    Good luck on that btw!

  2. carla says

    1 Ankhara bright & summery & will go with more clothes than the other bright stuff!
    2 Dakar nice & work appropriate, good luck!
    3 Magic if it chips over the weekend it wont be as noticeable/bother you as much

  3. Vicky says

    I don’t know what job you’re interviewing for, but I would only wear Magic or Ankara, maybe Dakar if you’re adventurous!

    What color is your dress for the wedding?

    I think i’d go with magic, it’s soft and quiet but very pretty and give a very nice and clean feel!

  4. says

    1. An autumn wedding – it’s a bright one!: Depends on what you end up wearing! But I’d go with Ankara since it red seems to be a classic color?

    2. A job interview: Magic

    3. A chilled out weekend with the mother in law: Ankara

  5. Ashley says

    Magic would be perfect for a job interview but a little prissy for seeing the mother in law. Dakar would be suited more for a summer wedding and ok to see the mother in law but not something I’d like to wear for an interview. Ankara would match an autumn wedding well but Mystic is more spring time.. Hmm…

    I say go with Magic! It matches the wedding, the interview, 2/3 is better than 1/3.

  6. Emilyjane says

    Ah, that’s easy! Mystic for the wedding, Magic for the interview and Dakar for the weekend with the MIL. Next!

  7. Jen says

    My choices:
    1. Magic for the bright autumn wedding, as it’s quite neutral shade it’s not likely to clash with any of the bright colours!
    2. Mystic/Magic for a job interview…I really love Mystic! But if that was a bit bold, it would have to be the safe neutral again!
    3. Dakar for a chilled out weekend with the M-i-L…a bit more chilled out than the full on bold red
    I’m such a fan of Mavala as well, they’re brilliant for travelling as you can take lots of little bottles without it taking up lots of room! I seem to be accumulating quite a collection, although I seem to always go for the neutrals and pinks, so they all virtually look the same anyway lol

  8. Shari says

    I say Dakar or Ankara – both are colorful enough for the wedding, but subdued enough for the interview and mother-in-law.

  9. says

    I LOOOOVE Dakar – gorgeous :) I think it is soft enough for a job interview but fun enough for a wedding without being too loud :) Plus it is such a lovely color!

  10. Cindy says

    1. Dakar – it’s very neutral and almost natural looking. Some jobs won’t allow nail polish to be worn, or if it is allowed, it must be natural looking. This colour is perfect!

    2. Magic – Such a gorgeous colour! It’s the colour I would wear all the time and won’t get sick of. If you pair it up with heels, or even a dress of a similar colour it would look fab.

    3. Ankara – It screams ‘classiness’ in a way. Nothing can really go wrong with a decent red. The orange and lilac might be too immature (I’d still wear them, though) and you gotta impress the in-law and show her you’re worth it (insert L’oreal advert here).

  11. Kristin says

    Ooo pretty! I vote Ankara for the wedding, and Dakar for the job interview–it’s such a pretty, feminine pop of pink but not too “in your face” bright! I vote Dakar for the weekend with the MIL as well. gorgeous polishes, I wish we could get them more easily here in the US.