Where to buy your Japanese Cosmetics?!

Lucky people who have family and friends in the East can of course get them to purchase whatever their heart desires and have it sent over to them, but what about those who don’t have the contacts but love Japanese/Asian brands?

There are a few main websites (all of which I have used) that sell brands Asian brands, like Kanebo, Shiseido, Majolica Majorca, Lavshuca, Ettusais, Beaute De Kose, Fancl, Jill Stuart, Sonia Rykiel etc. so here are my main sources of Asian make up!

1. Adambeauty.

Adambeauty is one of the first places I will go to to buy Asian cosmetics. Adam’s prices are very fair and the shipping policy is excellent for international buyers – it is a flat rate of $2USD for insured shipping. To the UK, I normally get his parcels in three days (that quickly!) and a few times in two, but I doubt that is the norm!

Brands include Shiseido and it’s associated brands, Maquillage, Majolica Majorca, Integrate etc., Kanebo and it’s associated brands, like Kate and Lavshuca, Sofina, Kose, Sana, Ettusais and a myraid of other treasures.

The only down point I can think of is that sometimes the website is slow to add new items, but I think this is because Adam is more or less a one man band and goes to Japan to get his goods, and the site can also be confusing. There is no search facilty on the website, and you have to go through it step by step to find your products, which can be time consuming but don’t be too put off by this because the prices and service are excellent.

2. Bobodave.

Bobodave offers a big range of products that are hard to find – such as a skincare range called Kuan Yuan, which sells lovely scrubs and cleansers.

They have brands which you can’t find at Adambeauty, such as Kesalan Patharan, Ipsa, Canmake and a bigger range of Jill Stuart goodies.

I have had good service from Bobodave, but it is expensive – the prices generally are higher than at Adambeauty, plus they will charge you for the shipping, and more if you want it insured, then also the Paypal fees – so in the end, a Jill Stuart blush cost me about £40! So I would buy from here if I absolutely had no other way of getting it.

3. Ebay

Good old Ebay – 88Beauty and Vooboodoo (same person who runs HK Facial Shop – see below!), but there are plenty of people offering Japanese cosmetics on Ebay for reasonable shipping. If you get stuck try searching Ebay China for the products as they have a bigger range. There is not Ebay Japan since it never took off (Japanese people not liking second hand stuff!).

4. Ichibanko

Ichibanko started off on Ebay and has made a name for itself as a seller of Japanese make up – Kelly who runs it, can supply any brand, and you make request any item for a reasonable price. Nowadays, the shipping cost is included into the item so they may seem a little dearer than expected.

Once again all good service, although I once had a missing parcel from Japan so I recommend the insured EMS option.

5. Hong Kong Facial Shop

HK Facial shop started life on Ebay, this is quite a random but lovely shop to use because you can find some real one off treasures! Prices are good, and shipping is very very fast and free. I recently picked up some Sonia Rykiel items here (so hard to find) – two glosses, blusher, powder and eye gloss for £46! You also get 5% of for purchases of 3 items or more, and you can earn points (although I am not sure how to use them yet!). I also wanted the Aube aqua dress lipsticks for a while – they were selling for about £20 from Ichibanko but at HK facial shop they were discounted so I got them for £8 each.

Recommended for when you feel like looking for something special and a good bargain.

There is also Sasa.com – Sasa is a big shop in Hong Kong but I have never shopped from them before, although can get free shipping with them, their items are not exactly cheap.

Does anyone know of other sources of Japanese make up? Let me know if you do!

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  1. Anonymous says

    I don’t know any other shops from the ones you listed, but I usually get them from Ichibankao. They do have a bonus point comparing to the other sites in my experience which is they mark the package as gift and at the value you ask them to. So if you’re willing to take the risk, you don’t have to pay custom duty (I always order with EMS). Thanks for the list though, I might try other sellers, can’t wait to see who’s going to have the new Est makeup line. Ana :-)

  2. RF says

    Hi again Ana!

    I think all the sellers I listed are willing to mark parcels as gift and also of a lower value. The fastest shipping I find is Adambeauty and HK Facial Shop (3 days to the UK!)

    I do really like Strawberrynet.com but they always write the full value no matter what, so I have once paid £14.00 Customs and handling charges because an items value was £18.50 :( (the threshold for taxes is £18). But they do refund customs charges, but of course it is an inconvience!


  3. Anonymous says

    If you only want a couple items you could go to the Makeup Alley website. There are members living in Japan who are willing to make you a CP in exchange for items that are not easily available there. Worked out great for me!